Friday, November 23, 2007

A Bit of Business

I've owed you all some additional blogs that I've been visiting. This list, combined with the ones I provided here, here , here, here and here, is definitely not comprehensive. I find new sites every week. It's amazing how many terrific people are out there.

Marie Millard Yes, it's confusing when a woman named Nancy writes a blog by the name of Marie, but who am I to question? I'm a big fan of mammas with experience they're willing to share. She's a warm and funny woman, and I'm so happy we travel in the same circles.

CharmingBitch How can you not love that name? I found Shannon through Plain Jane Mom and I'm always touched by her honest writing. It inspires me.

Deep Muck Big Rake The first time I met Becky (okay the only time we've seen each other in real life) she had presents for my boys--and we didn't even know each other! She's smart. She's beautiful. And, she's the mom of twins plus one!

Miss Priss Another Becky and she's a new mom--like she had the baby yesterday (or Wednesday) new mom. Congratulations Becky!! I met Becky through Kris at BlogHer and we haunt Twitter together. She also writes professionally about cars on another site, which I can't get my hands on right this minute, but isn't that cool?

Can We Kick the Bar Here? Another BlogHer babe. And another beauty. Seriously, I'm starting to reflect and think maybe meeting all these gorgeous, smart women is not good for the ego. Honestly though this is another honest and warm blogger I hope you'll visit.

DC Metro Moms (and the related Silicon Valley Moms, Chicago Moms and NYC Moms Blogs) I was asked to be a contributor to DC Metro Moms after BlogHer and it was really an honor to be asked. These are all group blogs and they provide a broad perspective of voices capturing snippets of parenthood.


I know I've left off some terrific bloggers. Please leave a comment and tell me which blogs are part of your daily reading? I'm always up for great writing.

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QT said...

Aww - thanks for the shout-out. BlogHer was overwhelming in its volume of exceptional women attending.

A blog I really like that will put a different spin on things for you is

She lives in Alaska, and not only is the writing interesting, the photos are too~

Anonymous said...

More links? My God, woman, I'm still trying to get through the ones you've already posted. Stop being so fabulous, already. :)

Lawyer Mama said...

I met so many great women at BlogHer. Right after that was about the time my bloglines started getting out of control.

Anonymous said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks. I just posted a few of my favorite blogs ... in addition to yours, of course.

Anonymous said...

Will I get to be called a BlogHer babe after the trip? Cuz that would really sound good on my resume ya know! ;)

Anonymous said...

BlogHer led me to a lot of amazing women and like you, I find new blogs everyday that I'm blown away by. I love your linky love though, it gives me more ways to waste time.