Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm Disappointed

John Edwards is about to announce that he's getting out of the race.

I knew his odds weren't great, but I liked his messages. I like what both he and Elizabeth stand for.

It was just bad timing.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not disappointed with my remaining choices. I am over the moon that the two top contenders are not white men. I'm proud of my country for finally considering candidates for their experience and knowledge rather than dismissing them due to their skin color or genitals. It's about time.

But still...there was just something about the Edwards. I would have been proud to have them represent my country too.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

And He Didn't Even Need the Liquid Kevlar

Following a line of reasoning I haven't quite wrapped my own head around, Mr. 3 is feeling even more invincible now that I've convinced him not to wear Pull-Ups today.

Up on the bench in my kitchen, squaring up to his brother:

Mr. 3 to Mr. 5: Punch me in my penis.

What is this boy going to be like in college??

Monday, January 21, 2008


The biggest surprise about blogging has been the incredible community that exists to laugh together, cry together, mock each other and when necessary bolster each other in times of need.

Less than eight months ago WhyMommy posted this on her blog. At the time, she was nursing her five month old, taking care of her two year old and had never revealed any personal information on her blog.

She had been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer.

Since the day of that post, she has shared with us her deepest fears, her physical pain and the emotional turbulence of living with cancer. She also treated us to her moments of joy and the triumphs of perserverance.
She's given us so much through her words, and never once has she asked for anything in return except for our positive energy to support her battle with cancer.

Tomorrow is Susan's surgery. She's endured months of chemo and the accompanying exhaustion and pain. But that's all over and tomorrow Susan goes in for one of the final steps of her treatment--a double mastectomy.

So today is the day that we might return just a smidgen of what she's given to us. And I for one want her to know that I am here in VA cheering her on!!

If you'd like to send your wishes to Susan, write a post and title it "tomorrow" and link back to her.

Let her know how much love she has going in there with her.
I mean how can you say no to this incredible smile?

Soon to be cross-posted on DC Metro Moms.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

It Is Never Easy

When the diagnosis first comes the emotions can be overwhelming.

When treatment begins a sense of hope begins to flicker.

When treatment begins to fail we say all the words we need to say.

Even though we prepare ourselves, even when we know it's coming, then end always shocks the system.

This fine gentleman left our world yesterday, but not without leaving a gift for us all in his daughter.

Kris, you and your family are in my thoughts.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yet Another Post to Help You Feel Better About Yourself

So yesterday I was in the bathroom at work.

(Nothing ever ends well with that type of introduction.)

Apparently, I was in there for a bit and so at "completion" I didn't realize that my right foot had fallen asleep. I discovered it quickly however when I stood up and promptly fell over hitting the top of my head on the door to the stall.

This is my life.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Not really.

But I could if I wanted pay for a spot on one of the boats here.

Working outside the home can be a real drag somedays. Pleasing picky clients, figuring out one more way to do the same thing another way, sitting in a meeting when you'd rather be chaperoning your kid's class trip...these are just some of the downers, but then there are days like today...

Days when I am at a conference--here--in January. Or days like tomorrow when we have a free afternoon to do as we shop or sit on the beach please.

Don't hate me for this small favor.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hallooooo there!

Believe it or not there is another Amie (yeah she spells it Aimee, blame our parents). According to her this other guy (Hi RC!) has decided to declare today a day of delurking.

For my real life friends those of you who like to pretend you don't get blogging, this means you actually need to man-up and leave a comment today.

In other words, stop taking the free ride on my words kids. And I know I haven't left you many nuggets lately, but Mamma needs a little love too.
Besides, you know I can see you, right? My little old Sitemeter knows your town and your domain name. I mean shoot if she can figure out how to comment anyone can (love you Devra).

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sick in Bed and Torturing Myself

After assuming the horizontal position for most of the last sixty hours with a fever and sinus pain that made me consider poking my eardrums with sharp scissors just to relieve the pain, I am now watching The Wedding Date for the second time in a row.

Now I'm willing to concede that it may be that I've been staring at the same four walls for the last two and a half days (or not) but DAMN Dermot Mulroney is H-O-T hot!

Why else would I be watching this for the second time today?

Debra Messing's cute nose?


The hair.

The eyes.

That sexy scar.

I think I have a thing for brunettes.

Sheesh! I'm still boy crazy at 37. Not really. But it's fun to look.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Peek Behind the Curtain

First, Happy New Year!

Second, allow me to let down the facade of the self-possessed, organized, energetic, happy and productive woman/sex goddess/mother/wife/employee that I love to fantasize is really me.

What?! You weren't fooled? Sheesh.

It's only January 3rd and I'm having a panic attack at this very moment. I feel so overwhelmed by the incredible number of obligations hanging over my head. The very anxiety they are causing is further preventing me from accomplishing any of it.

My hope is that by sending this out to the world some of it will diminish, so I can go back to my peaceful world of soft, furry unicorns and rainbow-striped excrement. It's such a happier place...and way more colorful.