Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Note to My Youngest on His Last Day of Preschool

Tonight you asked how many sleeps you had until Kindergarten. Telling you it was almost 100 would have been so overwhelming especially since you can't count that high yet.

But in a year from now?

You'll be counting the stars. You'll be reading. You'll know what to do during a fire drill.

Once you start Kindergarten, you'll probably be broken of the verbal habits we've let slide because you're our youngest and damn if they aren't cute.

No more will you tell me about how you "runned" on the playground. Next baseball season you won't ask me if we can go to the "'session" stand. And I'm guessing that your favorite toys will cease to be described as "mines."

I mean you've already left "sanks" (thanks) and "pickels" (testicles) behind.

Guess I'll just have to savor every last one of my 100 opportunities to get you into your "jamas" before school starts up again in the fall.