Saturday, November 24, 2007

Live Blogging Beers

Get three baseball families together, a little beer and we're all switchin'.

Sounds exciting, huh? Didn't know that about me did you?

Just switching the husband we regularly haze.

We really are all here because another friend is supposed to come over with her new hot Austrailian boyfriend. All us wives are tired of looking at the same ole guys. We needed some eye candy dammit, and they're not here.

Oooh wait! Another family is here. Make that four baseball families.

We live the crazy suburban life. Jealous??

The guys are all talking baseball. Yes the fall season ended in October and they're still talking about it all. I'm pretty sure all the dads are involved just so they can hang out with all their buddies.

Eight kids down in the family room, eight adults in the kitchen. As long as there's alcohol we're good.


Hot Australian guy is here. Gotta go.

4 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Anonymous said...

This makes me feel better for my unabashed staring at the hot 27 year old man-boy of roller derby. My only saving grace is that everyone else is staring as well and I don't look like a desperate and more haggard Mrs. Robinson. (=

Kim said...

Husband switching? So that's how you roll out in your neck of the woods...

Lawyer Mama said...

I always suspected that about you!

Maureen said...

Oh sure.... make us jealous with the "hot Australian guy" and then provide absolutely NO photo evidence for us to drool over.