Thursday, March 29, 2007

Summer Lovin'

Happend so fast. Summer lovin'. Someone was having a blast.

Actually a number of someones.

Something about the pre-Fourth of July weekend must have been damn sexy in the late 60's/early 70's, because, as I've discovered cruising the blogosphere this week, there are a ton of last week of March babies running around.

For instance, there's my British friend, a Pissed-Off Housewife and then Kristin's husband. Speaking of husbands, Deb gets to celebrate hers with a husband who has culinary skills!

And there's been some recent additions to this prestigious club as well. Check out the link. The sextuplets are ADORABLE!! And one of the kiddos over at the Circus is celebrating as well this week.

All fabulous people of course. You know how I know? Cause I'm one of them!

Thirty-six years ago tonight I was all warm and cozy, ignorant of the cold cruel world. Some time during the next 24 hours the kid--who I like to say was conceived in the back of a Trans-Am most likely to Led Zepplin--was brought into this world. Lucky for me there was an incredible women waiting for just such a baby to be born and ten short days later I was hers.
She's been stuck with me ever since. Seriously, you should feel sorry for my mom.

Okay, enough pitiful attempts to garner some birthday wishes...we have some real love to talk about.

First, I still haven't been asked to the prom, BUT I do have a date to BlogHer. I am going, and I'm happy to report that the southern darling Canape (pronounced in her language as can-I-pee?) has asked me and I have gladly accepted.

Are you so jealous or what?

I got the cutest girl at the event to invite ME. Can you believe it?! Yeah, me either. I'm so excited I can barely stand it, but more on BlogHer and my fabulous date later.

What I'm jazzed about at this particular moment is that we are just hours away from our first annual blog prom weekend!

Over the next three days the folks on the guest list to the right will be blogging about their prom experience, or lack of prom experience, or about proms in general (hey it's the blogosphere--and I'm not that into rules). So join us if you'd like! And don't worry about getting a date. You'd just dump them as soon as you got there so you could hang out with us anyway.

Tell me you're coming and I'll add you to the guest list. And Leah--there was no link to your blog in my comments. Email me the address and I'll add you.

Oh, and there may be a prize, but don't tell anyone.

Now dig out those pictures. Make new ones. Tell us about prom. And get around to meet all of the guests. Mingle dammit! That's an order!

You wouldn't want to disappoint a girl on her birthday. Would you?!

17 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Unknown said...

Of course a lot of people our age were born in late March. Dang hippies couldn't stay off one another back then in the summer.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! :)

have fun at blogher and your prom!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday woman! You rock.

karrie said...

Happy, happ birthday!!! Yeah!! ANother Aries. Almost everyone that I feel an instant affinity for is an Aries.

Alas I did not go to prom--I'm a *high school dropout*, so no pics or tales to add.

karrie said...

Maybe I'll crash your prom? hehehe

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope the day filled with fun and happiness for you...and well i'd also like you to drop by my blog on Birthday Celebrations sometime and check out all the amazing resources i've posted there...i'm sure you'll enjoy your visit!!!

Kim said...


Thanks for featuring the kids...

I've never done prom, I was busy getting high with the other 'tards I hung around with. I'd join up for this one, but what the hell would I say? Besides, I hate to wear a dress.

Have a wonderful time!

Pendullum said...

Happy Birthday Dahhhling!!!!
Wishe I could go to Blogher and help you celebrate...
Just imagine me there raising a glass in your honour...

Serena Woodward said...

*singing* Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

Okay, I'm done, you can take your fingers out of your ears now.

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

My prom pics suck but I loaded one, see I didn't know the scanner only did black and white, I got angry and then pouted a bit and gave up!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Momma!

Prom sounds like so much fun! I'm fighting a deadline (weren't we always doing that back then too?) but will post some memories if I possibly can.

And yes, I am SO jealous that Canape asked you to BlogHer! You guys will have an awesome time! (But don't let her do your makeup -- you'll never want to do it youself again.)

Lisa said...

Concieved in the back of a trans am to Led Zepplin. That makes me like you even more!

You crack me up, woman. And hope to go to Blogher too and meet you!

Jessica Gottlieb said...

Happy Birthday.

Yup, my folks drank wine outta big jugs and hitchhiked everywhere.

Then I came on the scene.

More about being raised by a couple o' hippies later...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

Don't listen to Whymommy. I will make you look like the rockstar you truly are if you let me do your makeup.

I'm stoked about Blogher and Prom!

And - wha? - your birthday? I knew not.

Happiest day to you today and again 10 days from now. Hope you get all the cake you can stand.

OhTheJoys said...

re: you & Canape... I can still follow you both around right?

re: prom...I'm going to TRY to scan my photos... I'm having a CRAZY work, sick kid week.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I've been trying for days to find my photos and it is a lost cause, I think. I'm going to try one more time tomorrow, and then I give up. Bummer!!!