Friday, March 30, 2007

Getting Ready for the Big Night

So tomorrow is the big night! I'm so excited I'm ready to pee my pants. Wonder Mom and Stinkfoot have already promised me a dance.

I was going to get a pedicure. I was going to get my hair done. BUT THIS IS A BLOG PROM! No primping necessary!!! I'd be lying of course if I said I hadn't done anything to prepare. For you my darling dates, I've been searching high and low for I tell ya.

First a bit about my senior high school prom eve. Frankly, the details are a bit hazy. I do remember this. The dress was hung up on the back of the door just so it would "be ready." Now what it accomplished while it was hanging there, I have no clue.

I didn't visit the tanning bed as some of my sister Floridians decided to do. I was more of an "au naturel" kind of girl--though you won't believe that when you see the pictures tomorrow.

Anyway, to provide you with a bit of context, I thought I'd treat you to some other photographic evidence of my stint in high school.

First I need to admit that, yes, I was the senior class president. In my defense...crap I have no defense. Let's just say that I've learned my lesson since and I try my best to resist leadership positions at all costs. Who needs the headache? I already have three children.

So here I am on a "normal" high school day.

Note my early tendency to foresake primping for extra sleep. Hair in a ponytail and a t-shirt. Yep, that was me. Those metallic flats?! I saw some just like those at DSW this week. I guess we're on a 19 year fashion cycle.

There were other dances, of course, before my senior prom.

There was prom my freshman year:

Check out that hoop skirt!! I could have fit another date under there. I have to say though it was very cool. Lots of space to kick around. The date was by far the funniest and smartest of all my dance dates to follow. At the time, I wasn't smart enough to realize how much I should have prized those qualities. [shaking head with memories of very cute, very stupid boys]

Sophomore year I had a boyfriend who was my year, so no prom for me. We did attend a semi-formal however.

Pretty in Pink...isn't sheeeeee? Pretty. In. Pink.

You know it just occured to me that it was a semi-formal dance, so why the hell are those boys in tuxes?

Junior year, there was this hot number for another semi-formal.
Wasn't that cool the way I got my eyeshadow to match my dress?

I attended the prom that year with my best friend who was a senior. Oh how I LURVED him my freshman year. I kept telling him he had to take someone he could get busy with, but for some reason he insisted I was to be the date. We had an totally awesome time fer shure.

No that's not your screen. My face is a different color than the rest of my body. Where was my mother when I was doing that? For christ sakes woman! How could you let me go out of the house with THAT much powder on my face?! Oh and please note the awesome red sunglasses!

He got so wasted that night he decided I was THE one he was going to get busy with. The great friend that I am I laughed in his face, told him he was drunk and suggested he pass out on the other side of the bed. He didn't remember a bit of it the next morning. THANK GOODNESS!

So that's it. I'm all ready for our big night tomorrow. Please don't forget to visit with the other guests. I know they are all scurrying like mad to get their photos scanned.

11 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Unknown said...

HOLY SHIT! I think I just pissed myself. That was fantastic. I couldn't begin to guess where my old pictures are, but after seeing yours, i'm inspired to look. As sweet as your dresses were --- especially the hoop skirt, the fellas really are styling. Love the all-white tux.

A Citizen said...

Hey Mamma- Sorry I won't be attending your prom (mostly because I have no pictures of the event). Plus my senior one was a bust- was home early.

Enjoy- Hope they play Pretty in Pink for ya!

karrie said...

Those are so cute!

And so very 80s. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures....Very Very 80's.

Too cute....What song shall we dance to?

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

That was awesome. You were gorgeous, and I love the metallic dress. My kind of gal.

As for tuxes at semiformal dances - our guys went through a phase were they would wear a "half-tux" to a semiformal.

Half-Tux: Pairing of tux jacket, shirt, and all accessories with blue jeans.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

I am loving your ceiling scrapers! Oh,how I miss my big bangs! :)

In high school, my mom would actually ground me....from hairspray! (OH the HORRORS!)

Beth said...

Nice pictures - you were (are) gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by my blog - we have a lot of blog friends in common.
We're also both the mother of three boys. Fun times, huh?

Anonymous said...

Fun, fun, fun! All your dresses are gorgeous, but I have to say I have a special fondness for the blue metallic number! There's a photo on the bookshelf near me right now with a photo of me and Canape getting ready for Homecoming 1989. No boys in the photo, but we're all gussied up ... and I'm wearing a sweet little blue metallic number myself! Only the top of mine was (strapless) black velvet. Ah, the 80's....

Sorry no pics from me today, but I'll be there with you guys in spirit!

Anonymous said...

Most excellent!! You are brave woman to share these gems with the world! Thanks!! Sure does remind me of those old high school days--our 20 yr reunion is just around the corner. Yipes!

Anonymous said...

Damn girl! You went to a lot of formals! We only had a senior prom at my high school and every year there was Homecoming. I have pictures somewhere and as I recall, I'm wearing way too much blush and frosty lipstick. But it was the 80's so I guess it's forgiveable. Great pix. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I am ready...I'm posted....and WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!?!?