Saturday, November 25, 2006

I DID Get The Worm

Day 25--The Home Stretch
Mood: Pissed off then Happy

I woke up very early this morning considering I had every opportunity to sleep in, after all it's Saturday, my entire family is still asleep and I have no where to be. I tried to deny my wakefulness by rolling over and closing my eyes again, but I was too consumed by the thoughts of my dreams to go back to sleep. Does that ever happen to you?

My original draft of this post included some background on my dream and a description of it, but no amount of writing about it exorcised my mood.

Then my mom called. She was right there by me when all the history of my dream happened--supporting me the whole time. So I told her about it, and she truly understood why I woke up in a bad mood. She's probably the only one who would have.

After we hung up the phone I felt so much better. I got the story off my chest, she listened patiently and validated my feelings, and I thought "jeez I was pretty stupid." "Why didn't I just call her in the first place?" See like I've said in earlier posts, my mom knows almost everything about me. She's the kind of mom I've always been able to talk to--no matter what. Sometimes I take that forgranted...but today I didn't. After our call, I went outside and stood in the sun and basked in the warmth of the unseasonably warm day and my mother's love.

And to pay homage to this wonderful woman I promptly went inside, and before breakfast, taught my boys how to spray whipped cream on the tips of their fingers in the shape of little flowers and enjoy it without having to bother with some silly vehicle like pie.

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Eric said...

Very cryptic. That must have been some dream. My mom wouldn't want to know the details of my dreams. But it's nice to have that kind of support.