Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Death of Merit Badge Day?

Day 19
Mood: ?

Don't know what my mood is today. I sat here and contemplated it for a bit and then realized, hey it's my freakin' blog and if I don't know what my mood is well then I don't have to tell you what it is.

Upon second thought it should probably be "pissy."

As a matter of fact, I've noticed the same mood among some of my other fellow NaBloPoMo colleagues. Is it that the "forced" daily posting is starting to wear thin? Would I feel the same way if it weren't NaBloPoMo? I've actually enjoyed the structure of the daily post, though at some times it's been a race against the clock to get it in on time. I get most of my quiet time in the evening so it's often difficult to get it in before midnight. I'm hoping the powers that be will let a 12:00 a.m. post slide.

Okay, back to Merit Badge Day...

As some of you more faithful readers (all two of you) will remember Sunday is Merit Badge Day here at Mamma Loves. Now I don't know if folks are too busy shopping for their turkeys or just feeling pretty damn good about themselves this week, but we had NOT ONE nomination this week. After three weeks of enthusiastic responses...nothing. Now I'm a fairly optimistic person (despite that my mother's nickname for me growing up was Eeyore) so I'm not ready to declare Merit Badge Day dead, but I'm going to need some nominations this week to stay hopeful.

My badge the week:

I awarded myself a badge for having the courage to admit to my husband (a big country music fan) that I liked a country band. Yes, Sugarland. I'm loving their stuff! You must understand, as a native New Englander I've always had a certain predjudice against country music. Four years in New Orleans only softened it enough to open up musicians like Lyle Lovett who I consider borderline. A few year's of Shakey's influence did wear me down to accept my full-fledged love of Garth Brooks--it was actually watching his concert in Central Park while I was recording it for him while he was at school that changed my mind. But going out and buying a country album without some sort of prodding or nagging exposure? It's nothing short of a miracle! And I've listened to the newest album probably five times in the last 24 hours. There are also a number of good songs off of their debut album. Check 'em out. See what you think.

Please make Mamma happy. Tell me what award you earned this week. I'll be waiting...

2 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Anonymous said...

I have had exactly the same Sugarland experience! I was swayed by their Crossroads concert with Bon Jovi (I have a BIG Bon Jovi problem), but even on their own, I am loving that CD. Scary, isn't it? I'm proud of you for admitting it. Isn't admitting something the first step toward acceptance? Or am I confusing my 7-step programs?

My merit badge? Single Parent When I'm Not Really One -- Taking care of my two little ones basically on my own for 5 out of 6 nights/weekend days (after very little sleep due to a business trip) because hubby booked himself up with meetings. We've been tag-team parenting. This includes packing for 3 of the 4 people in my house for our Thanksgiving trip, for which we have to leave before the crack of dawn on Wednesday. At least I don't have to cook the big meal.

Anonymous said...


Can I be awarded for telling Nablopomo to NaBlo me? (Weak, huh?)

How about an award for making a trek to the outlet malls and actually buying myself a few much needed things, for a change? (I'm the woman running around in 4 year old jeans and faded ts most of the time.)