Sunday, November 05, 2006

And For Meritorious Service We Honor...

Day 5
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Okay, last week we started Merit Badge Day here at Mamma Loves... Every Sunday we invite readers to share with us the merit badge they earned this week.

PFunky had some techinical difficulties, so here is her's and the others reported in last week.

Firetruck Voodoo Merit Badge
: Won for getting my 2
1/2 year old son to take medicine for a very runny nose (that sent him home from nursery school) by telling him that the firemen take their medicine so they can ride the firetrucks. Since firetrucks are my son's favorite things on the entire earth, it did the trick. In fact, I can get him to do many things as long as we talk about firetrucks along the way...

Oh, The Joys earned one for not getting malaria in Africa


One Weird Mother takes home the Bags Under My Eyes Badge. DST=toddler convinced that we should all get up for the day at 3am.

This week Mamma awards herself the Restraint in the Face of Temptation badge. Now this has nothing to do with keeping my hands out of the candy bowl or the kids bags on Halloween (or the day after, or the day after that)--though my jeans would fit much better if I had--but for not laughing directly AT my client who is worried about the outcome of the elections.

While I haven't yet pronounced my political affiliation directly on this blog, I do think it's pretty obvious from past posts. The elections are only two days away, so why not do it now?

I'm a Democrat. I work in DC. My first job here was working for a women's health organization. The elections of 1994 were a heartbreak for me and especially my friends who worked on Capitol Hill. We watched the town we owned change over night. The bars we patronized were in the diverse neighborhoods of Adams Morgan and the U Street corridor. But after '94, the new kids in power went to martini bars and smoked cigars in Georgetown {she says with a sneer}. It was sad.

ANYWAY, when my client--formerly a fundraiser for the Republican party--literally moped to me this week that the elections were going to be SOOOO bad, it took every ounce of willpower I had not to blurt out nah, nah, nah, nah heh heh and laugh maniacally. I kindly mentioned that I had lived through '94 and I was sure he'd do the same. I then hung up and did a little jig in my office--though not a long or involved jig because I'm far too cynical not to think the Dem's can't still screw it up.

Whew! Sorry for getting on a roll--that happens sometimes.

Now it's your turn. Let us know what badge you earned this week. If you don't brag about yourself, who will?

10 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is scared that we are going to blow it before the polls close on Tuesday!

Jill said...

Kerry was supposed to come to Minnesota to stump for a candidate. After last week's gaffe the MN Dems said "Umm, thanks but no thanks." He stayed home.

Fingers crossed that Rush will put his foot in his mouth again some time before Tuesday.

Kim said...

Hello Mamma! I followed a link in Technorati in and see I'm all hooked up in your sidebar! Thank you much for that.

Well let's see now... I have earned many badges this week, but the most noteworthy would be the oft sought but seldom attained:

Composure in the Face of Torture Badge, which I earned by being indentured into attending a fund raiser for cancer at Quicken Loans Arena over the weekend. I know it doesn't sound all that traumatic, however, this excursion involved children all around me and men in glittery outfits on the ice. The "show" was Scott Hamilton & Friends, skating to the accompaniment of none other than the sensational seventies rock icons, Three Dog Night LIVE - in person at the end of the ice. Now, nothing against ice skaters, but geeeeeeeeZussss, how the hell Three Dog Night, Scott Hamilton, his friends skating and cancer all mesh together left me baffled. Worse, the Ohio State game was on and I had a hefty bet on it. We were in the corporate suite and it was a mandatory lights out, which meant no game viewing. Throw in that my kid is an avid skater and the boss's wife is too, well, let's just say I had a shot or two of Jack and kept my mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

How about the Not Smacking the Whiney Spouse with a Cold badge? What is it about men when they get sick that makes them all frowny and bitchy? While said spouse has moped for the better part of a week and been rather ill-tempered, I have managed to keep myself and children mostly out of range and have even offered some compassionate caring, though mostly just steeing clear.

OhTheJoys said...

This is great - but correction - I get a merit badge for TOTALLY GETTING malaria in Africa. I did get it. I deserve a badge.

OhTheJoys said...


Thanks for making my badge dream come true!

Eric said...

I have similar memories from '94. Now, things are different. And tomorrow I am hoping to earn a badge for being a constituent of the first Muslim ever elected to the U.S. Congress (Keith Ellison - Minneapolis). The Democratically-controlled U.S. Congress, that is. Please, please, please. Please let me earn this badge.

Anonymous said...

I would like to nominate myself for "Braving Snot in the Face of Toddler Twins" They have now had their 3rd cold since Sept.

I also would like to nominate my dh for "Best Impersonation of someone dying from a cold" I understand that there are many nominees for this one.

Amy said...

Found you from One Weird Mother ... my merit badge is for Extreme Restraint In Face of MIL Christmas Drama ... my MIL actually suggested I let my toddler sleep on a sofa blocked by two chairs on Christmas night because she used to do that, instead of sleeping like civilized people in a hotel. This after 1,200 miles of driving to get to her on the holiday.

Anonymous said...

I deserve an award for continuing to do laundry after washing--and drying--a mouse