Thursday, November 30, 2006

We Hardly Knew Ye

Day 30!!!!!
Mood: Victorious

I suffer two losses today. The end of NaBloPoMo AND the discovery that my hairdresser upped and moved back to Chicago--damn him (not really, I LOVE him)!! While feeling the satisfaction of having accomplished posting 30 days in a row--yet wistful that I'm now losing my excuse to snuggle up with my laptop each night--I am faced with the devastation of losing the man I trusted to give me some sense of hipness. He was a great conversationalist, he shared stories about his wacky family and I always left with a hair style that was cool but required no products. Now, can you understand my grief?

The last time I saw him he gave no indication that he was moving. I feel like my boyfriend just moved out without telling me. And I had just had a conversation at my last visit that reinforced how much I loved him.

Me: Hi Tim
Me: I'm going on trip in two weeks. I need to look 10 years younger and 20 lbs lighter.
Tim: [patting his pockets] Okay, let me get my tools. [mock seriousness]

But you know what? I did feel younger when I walked out.

Tim, I'll miss ya'.

As for NaBloPoMo, it's been great. I know my posts haven't been that exciting...I don't write ahead of time. It's all just whatever comes out when I sit down at the computer (like you couldn't tell). But, I've really liked getting to know other bloggers. I think folks shared stuff they wouldn't ordinarily because they were desperate for material. I also like the structure it gave me. I won't mind the relief from the stress of feeling like I needed to post before midnight, but I will miss the motivation.

I do think someone needs to create a web sticker for those who completed it. I survived NaBloPoMo. I'd do it, but I wouldn't have a clue where to begin--as you can tell from my completely non-modified Blogger template. Really, I'd love a great looking blog, but I don't know how! So you just get my random thoughts and whatever images I can scrape up from Google images search.

I do think I'll keep up my count of days posting in a row and the mood indicator. What do you think?

And as for today's photo...I was looking for something about "the end" and the end of a rainbow popped into my head. But then when I saw this lovely. How perfect could it be? The end of the shit!

4 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your hairdresser leaving you. If it's any consolation I've lived in this area for 9 years and had 5 (yes 5) hairdressers leave me. One had a baby, one moved to Florida, one went to N. Carolina to be w/ his boyfriend, one went to L.A. to be an actress, one went home to be happy (I think she was getting liposuction). I was beginning to take it personal, but have now had the same hairdresser for 2 years. I still wait for the day when she tells me "I'm's the name of..." Good luck.

OhTheJoys said...

GD disappearing hairdressers! (I had one too.)

Congrats on getting to the finish line.

Daisy said...

How about doing Holidailies? Sorry, I can't find the link right at the moment.

Eric said...

What is it about women feeling such a personal connection to their hairdressers? My wife feels the same way. I just go in and ask for whoever happens to be available. Maybe that's why people are always asking me why my hair sticks up in back . . .

But I am sorry for your loss. So very sorry.