Tuesday, November 14, 2006

You Got a Camel?

Day 14
Mood: Nervous/Excited

So many thoughts running through my head tonight my darlings...

Leaving in the a.m. for sunny FL where the temperatures are expected to be in the mid-70's. Color mamma (the summer lover--had me a blast) happy!

Camels are making themselves known in my life this week. First was this little helpful tidbit from WikiHow that appeared on my homepage, which piqued my interest since it was a bit out of line with the How to Stencil Fabric and How to Save a Wet Cell Phone it was grouped with. But, you never know when this kind of advice will come in handy.

Next, I came across camels over at Kevin Charnas, who if you haven't checked out you should because he's damn funny. Okay, so maybe they weren't camels, but cameltoes? So close.

Must publish...time is running out. Be right back.

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