Sunday, November 12, 2006

Day 12
Mood: a little stressed

Feeling a bit more relaxed this evening that I'm not running up against the clock to make this post, but I have a big week ahead so I'm a bit preoccupied. This is my fair warning...I'll be at a business conference this week. So if you receive booty comments on your blog from me, it's just the alcohol talking.

Well I have to say, response to Merit Badge Day was phenomenal this week. Here are the highlights...

This week Mrs. Chicken earned Extreme Restraint In Face of MIL Christmas Drama Badge ... my MIL actually suggested I let my toddler sleep on a sofa blocked by two chairs on Christmas night because she used to do that, instead of sleeping like civilized people in a hotel. This after 1,200 miles of driving to get to her on the holiday.

Kim took home the Composure in the Face of Torture Badge, which she earned by being indentured into attending a fund raiser for cancer at Quicken Loans Arena over the weekend. I know it doesn't sound all that traumatic, however, this excursion involved children all around me and men in glittery outfits on the ice. The "show" was Scott Hamilton & Friends, skating to the accompaniment of none other than the sensational seventies rock icons, Three Dog Night LIVE - in person at the end of the ice. Now, nothing against ice skaters, but geeeeeeeeZussss, how the hell Three Dog Night, Scott Hamilton, his friends skating and cancer all mesh together left me baffled. Worse, the Ohio State game was on and I had a hefty bet on it. We were in the corporate suite and it was a mandatory lights out, which meant no game viewing. Throw in that my kid is an avid skater and the boss's wife is too, well, let's just say I had a shot or two of Jack and kept my mouth shut.

This being the first week at MBD that a theme developed we have BSuze and Kat facing down the Booger Brigade with their awards.

BSuze takes the Not Smacking the Whiney Spouse with a Cold badge. What is it about men when they get sick that makes them all frowny and bitchy? While said spouse has moped for the better part of a week and been rather ill-tempered, I have managed to keep myself and children mostly out of range and have even offered some compassionate caring, though mostly just steeing clear.


Kat earns two with "Braving Snot in the Face of Toddler Twins" They have now had their 3rd cold since Sept.


I also would like to nominate my dh for "Best Impersonation of someone dying from a cold" I understand that there are many nominees for this one.

Not to be outdone by the girls...

I'm happy to report that Eric did indeed end the week with the badge for being a constituent of the first Muslim ever elected to the U.S. Congress (Keith Ellison - Minneapolis). The Democratically-controlled U.S. Congress, that is. Please, please, please. Please let me earn this badge.

Perhaps the badge this week that makes us most say Hmmm? Our friend One Weird Mother managed to take home the Courage in the Face of Rodents badge for continuing to do laundry after washing--and drying--a mouse.

Now here at MBD everyone's a winner no nominations necessary--though I reserve the right to highlight my faves. You need a badge? You got it! Just let us know. Let your friends know. Maybe some day we'll figure out a way to let you post your badge on your own site (but let's not get too crazy too fast--I'd have to cash in a LOT of chits with the hubby to get that code written and I'm leaving him with three boys for 5 days this week.)

What? My badge this week? Aren't you nice for asking.

I got the badge for Co-Hosting a Baby Shower and Having Everything Ready Before It Started. For those of you who know Mamma's true identity you know what a shocker this is. I'm late for everything. But I am happy to report that I even had lipstick on before the first guests arrived (okay after the second guest arrived but the first one was REALLY early).

Have a great week! And don't forget to share with us your successes!!

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Kim said...

Ha! Looks like you awarded well my friend. Congrats to the others who earned their Merit Badges, and bless you Mamma for recognizing that everyone needs a little love.