Monday, November 13, 2006

Giving 'Em The (#2) Business

Day 13
Mood: Panic

Is it because it's the unlucky 13th day of this little experiment? Is that why I'm staring at the screen with nothing to write? Panic is beginning to set in. I read a number of entertaining blogs on a daily basis and I always come away from the experience feeling a little less worthy of this blog, but nothing? I never have nothing to say...ask my parents, they'll tell you.

There's just a lot going on this week. I just wrote a whole paragraph about it, but it seemed so stupid that I had to erase it. Basically, I'm at a loss. I was hoping to have my highschool prom picture scanned into the computer for just this such instance, but alas our scanner isn't cooperating. So I guess I'll have to leave you with this gem.

Taken through my windshield while driving in Arlington, VA. Oh, how I miss my camera phone!

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