Thursday, November 16, 2006

If Your Name is Ryan and You Work on Capitol Hill, Don't Read the Second Paragraph

Day 16

This whole conference in Palm Beach thing is so wonderful. A half day of meetings, a little shopping and pina coladas by the beach. I know, sorry to brag, but I got to tell you this twice a day maid service...a girl could get used to that. I came back last night and all of my belongings were organized! My shoes were lined up in the closet! My toiletries all lined up on a little towel. I think I'm in heaven!

RS--Stop reading now...

So my most recent murphy's law experience...

Don't know if you've had this experience yet, but can we talk? Grey hair? Down there?

Well when you go in for a bikini wax how is it possible that they clear that much real estate but MISS the one grey hair? THIS is my life.

2 Deserve Mamma's Love:

OhTheJoys said...

Sounds like they need to make a new kind of Clairol!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Two things: I'm telling you, if you like the maid service in the swanky hotel, I bet you'd love it at home. :-) Convince Mr. Man and you're all set. Also, I have not experienced the gray hair thing you noted, but egad, that gives me something new to be on the lookout for. Yikes.