Monday, November 27, 2006

Little Birds, Company and a Crowd

Day 27
Mood: Feelin' Good

I feel bad about this, but I'm taking a bit of an easy way out tonight.

There's a meme going around...Three Things...maybe you'll learn a little more about Mamma.

1. 3 Things that scare me: Something happening to my family, leaving my children without a mother, haunted houses

2. 3 People who make me laugh: My kids, Shakey, PFunky

3. 3 Things I love: Diet coke, massages, laughing until I cry (I didn’t include people b/c they’re not things)
4. 3 Things I hate: rudeness, meanness, when the Red Sox win

5. 3 Things I don’t understand: how electricity works (you just flip a switch and it’s there), higher math, football

6. 3 Things on my desk: a pig finger puppet, a clay snake and a clay snail (both with googley eyes)

7. 3 Things I’m doing right now: Blogging, craving Sugar Babies and thinking about the upcoming cookie exchange

8. 3 Things I want to do before I die: Go on a photo safari in Africa, See the Grand Canyon in person and learn to be truly happy with myself (thighs and all)

9. 3 Things I can do: Bake, talk to complete strangers and drive in the snow

10. 3 Things I can’t do: Play golf, add quickly in my head, keep a clean house

11. 3 Things I think you should listen to: NPR, a young child’s opinion (I second these opinions of Mom aka) and your mother

12. 3 Things you should never listen to: The doubts in your head, Paris Hilton or Ann Coulter
13.3 things I would like to learn: to love exercise, to paint and to sing well

14. 3 Favorite foods: Italian, Southern and Ethiopian

15. 3 Beverages I drink regularly: Diet Coke, Diet Coke and Iced Tea

16. 3 Shows I watched as a kid: Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street and The Electric Company

17. 3 People I’m tagging (to do this meme): Jill, Oh, The Joys and Jay

3 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Jill said...

Oh-oh, I better get to work. I'm glad you're good at driving in snow. It might be on my list of things I fear.

Ruth Dynamite said...

I like #12. "The doubts in your head, Paris Hilton or Ann Coulter."

So very true.

Jenny Nymoen said...

#5--I was wondering about electricity the other day. More specifically batteries, which are just portable electricity that fit in the palm of your hand. Hmm...