Friday, November 10, 2006

All the Benefits Without the Annoying Cast-off Swag

Day 10
Mood: Tired

I've decided that once I'm done with this whole raising kids thing I'll be all set to work as a personal assistant to the stars--the bigger the diva the better.

At 3:10 a.m. this morning I was ripped from my slumber by the sound of Mr. 2 and Shakey having a conversation about the need for apple juice. Then, for some reason beyond my comprehension, Shakey yelled to me (laying in the bed next to him mind you) that I had to get juice for Mr. 2. My first thought was that something must be wrong with Shakey as he was obviously awake since he was having this conversation about midnight snacks with Mr. 2. However, I soon realized that that was not the case and that I was expected to get up to and serve my two year-old--post-haste.

Mr. 2 got right in my face and demanded not only apple juice but Goldfish as well. I grumbled okay and then waited for a moment. My brilliant thought here was that if I took my time maybe he'd forget and fall asleep. A few moments of quiet passed and then, "I need apple juice and goldfish and cheese!" He was not going to fall asleep.

So I stumbled downstairs, somehow found all three requested items and made my way back up to my bedroom where Shakey slept and Mr. 2 reclined on my pillow anxiously awaiting his fare. After a few bites of cheese, I was handed the rest of the cheesestick and told to hold it while he drank some juice. I ate it. Luckily for me he had lost interest in the cheese and had moved on to the bowl of Goldfish. Sure enough he ate that whole bowl of the little swimmers and sucked down all the juice.

I say who needs the discarded goodies from the Grammy bag when I can get my own half eaten cheesestick right here.

And with seven minutes to spare...

3 Deserve Mamma's Love:

OhTheJoys said...

Bleah. Sorry.

Jill said...

I hope that cheesestick at least had some Swarovski crystals on it for your trouble.

No? Sigh, mine either.

Kevin Charnas said...

Oh're are DEFINITELY going to be ready to work with the really difficult divas, which I suppose is redundant. So, when are you done with your training? :)