Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Write v. Jog

Sometimes I just feel like I need to write. I'm feeling that way right now. Probably what I'll do is write a bunch of stuff that I'll eventually delete because it's probably not fit for public consumption. But it's the act of writing that is cleansing. If I could sing, I would belt out an aria. If I could paint, it would be a mural. If I could write, it would be a great novel--but alas it is this here blog with its limited readership.

There is probably a better way to release the excess "energy" that seems to be bubbling inside. Exercise would certainly be more beneficial to my health. But it's 12:15 a.m. It's not likely that I'm going to go outside and jog. Funny thought though. Can you imagine if I did? People would a) think I'm crazy b) think I just committed a crime or c) wouldn't bother with me because there's no telling about a woman who goes jogging at midnight. So maybe I'm on to something. Midnight jogging. It's dark, no one can see how out of shape you are or if you walk every other block and no one would bother with you because they'd think you were too scary for being out there in the first place. And if you just wanted to ensure that potential assailants (or neighbors) thought you were crazy you could jog in a colonial dress. I just happen to have one upstairs. Now there is an image.

So you can see why I just write.

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Euey said...

besides, jogging is vastly overrated.