Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mighty Oaks from Tiny Acorns Grow

I know autumn doesn't officially begin for another week or so, but the oak tree in my yard doesn't know that. The squirrels must sense the impending change. I love our oak tree. Oak trees to me are stately. The oak is the national tree of our country. They are known to represent strength and endurance--both admirable qualities (especially necessary if you're trying to raise three boys). However, at this time of the year I begin to wonder if a nice prickly cactus wouldn't be a safer choice. My front yard has become an upside down mine field.

Acorns are falling on my head. So far they have all been near misses. But every time it happens I'm convinced there are a pair of squirrels perched way up high one saying "oooh, that was so close" to which the other replies "close only matters in horseshoes and handgrenades."

Did you know there is actually a mathematical formula that relates to acorn production?

The mathematical formula that relates the acorn production (A) to the age in years of the tree (Y) is:

Apparently the number acorns produced increasese exponentially with the age of the tree.

So supposing my oak tree is only 50 years old (my house is just a little younger) I think I'm going to have to start wearing a helmet while I get my yard ready for the winter.

The true question is from what height must an acorn fall to cause a concussion?

It's amazing what you can find on the internet--and what people spend their time trying to figure out.

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