Thursday, September 14, 2006

Open Mouth...

I have this horrible problem with saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I have come to believe that I lack a necessary filter between my brain and my mouth. This is not a new condition. Some of my oldest friends like to sit back and just watch it happen. They can see it coming and they find it very amusing. I wish they would just hold up a big sign that lets me know when I'm getting too close to the edge. The great thing about these friends is that they still love me, even after I've made the faux pas.

My husband is the best at loving me no matter what. I guess that's his job, but there is something pretty darn special about looking up after I let one of my bombs loose and seeing him just shaking his head and smiling. I know that with him everything is still okay.

My direct approach is not always a bad thing. It definitely comes in handy you know with things like work and getting good service when you need it.

Today unfortunately I was wearing boots and they didn't feel too good in my mouth. I'm hoping the offended party will find it in their heart to forgive me.

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