Thursday, September 21, 2006

Really, Your Big Server Makes Me So Hot!

There is nothing inherently wrong with techies. After five years working for a technology company, I can testify that they were the most honest off all of the people I worked with. They were fun, they were problem solvers, they saved my ass on a number of occasions. Now maybe I was able to develop this appreciation for some particularly great folks because I took the time to attempt to learn about what they did or because I "niced" them to death, whatever.

All I know is that I just didn't want to be treated like I just was by some snot-nosed ninny who seriously just asked me in a very slow delievery if I understood what he was talking about. It's a fucking email server port bud--not quantum physics! And the word "port" yes there are so many different ways to misinterpret that meaning. Shit, I thought you were talking about an appertif.

I can be a fiesty mamma. I can get ticked off quickly and tend not to bite my tongue--it's a negative personality trait. But I behaved. I just hung up briskly and started typing my little heart out to relieve my INCREDIBLE frustration at not being able to slap the little booger who thought he could insult me from the safe distance of CANADA (no offense to all Canadians).

Honestly, what about working in an IT job makes you think that niceties are unneccesary? Do you really think that just because you've got your finger on the server switch you control the world? Wrong button dude! You have no red phone, there are no army guys in silos waiting for your call. Don't screw it up for your brethren. There are a bunch of good techies out there--I married one. But your big server--won't make up for your small dick!

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Anonymous said...

hahaha how do you really feel?