Monday, September 25, 2006


This might just be a girl thing. But mamma loves closure. I've been lucky enough lately to get just that--in a few ways.

Thinking back to highschool. Didn't everyone have a friend who would run up to you between classes, right before the bell was going to ring, and say "Oh my god, I just heard Brian talking--but I can't tell you about it now." And there you are, sitting through Geometry trying to concentrate on the area of triangles while all you can really think about is that adorable Brian and hoping that he was talking about wanting to ask you out and at the same time fuming that your friend is too dense to get to the point. Maybe it's the bow she was wearing in her hair in the desperate attempt to hold her brains in. Maybe she just loved to keep you hanging--because we all had those "friends" who we later found out we should have defined more accurately as a blood-sucking, stab you in the back enemy. So you get out of class, run to find her and she's like "oh it's no big deal, he was talking about the awesome car his parents just bought him. Deflated. You have closure on the conversation, but your crush goes on unrequited. What you didn't know then was that the ultimate closure (okay revenge) would come when you'd meet the same "friend" years later while you're hobnobbing it at swanky affair and she's the cigarette girl dressed in little more than a leotard and fishnets. Ahhh! Closure!

Closure may take years to occur. It may come when you least expect it. It may happen in a cloud of coincidence. But when it comes, it is wonderful. You didn't really know that you had been holding your breath all that time. But at that moment you can sit back, put your feet up and take a deep breath and exhale. Then you feel it--peace in your world.

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