Monday, September 25, 2006

Being Pissed

Okay, mamma had a whole entry about closure. She loves closure, she has gotten some lately. She had a good story about this stupid highschool "friend" who used to yank her chain who later she later ran into at a party and that "friend" turned out to be the cigarette girl. But mamma's readers don't get to read about it, because stupid blogger got stuck in some circle of publishing hell and the post disappeared into thin air! So now mamma is just pissed. She even found a picture of a cigarette girl to accompany the entry...but now--nothing!

What will the closure be on this situation? There will be none. I mean I could stop using Blogger and hope that the CEO notices. But mamma is realistic. She'll just have to bask in the glory of her other recent closure events (ah sweet peace) and go to sleep cursing this damn program under her breath.

Okay, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I tend to fly off the handle on occasion. Apparently, this is a good example. When I logged off of blogger last night none of these posts appeared. I figured they were just lost in the stratosphere. But today, miraculously, they appear. You can be sure that if it had been a term paper that had disappeared this would not have happened.

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Blog Antagonist said...

Same thing happened to me this morning! I ranted and raved to my husband about it for ten minutes. From now on, I'm composing in Word, and I'm ditching blogger this week. That was the LAST straw.