Monday, September 11, 2006


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Sorry, it was in my head had to get it out. What else is in there? Queen of Hearts by Juice Newton. I have been downloading new tunes for the past two nights so it's no wonder there are tunes floating around my head, but I must say that neither of these was on the list. The first (Jingle Bells if you didn't recognize the beat) just came to me. The second, it has infected my brain and won't let go. Apparently the words are trapped in some fold of my noggin and must have been touched off by my listening of some of the other doozies from the 80's that I've recently downloaded thanks to my friends Ryan and Danielle.

When was the last time you thought about:

Babe by Styx
Blue Monday by New Order
Evangeline by Matthew Sweet
Goodbye To You by Scandal
Tenderness by General Public

It's fun to revisit old tunes. I've been hit with a rush of memories over some of these songs (not these in particular, but others). I'll never hear Milli Vanilli without picturing my old roommate dancing in the middle of our favorite college hangout. Won't hear Rob Base without a nod to an old football game date--who was always a perfect gentleman. True Faith by New Order and I'm immediately suffering the pangs of heartbreak over a certain high school boy.

Certain music, like certain smells, can bring me back to a moment in time within seconds. And the emotions all seem very fresh. I associate music with emotions as it is--even if I don't have a memory tied to them. I probably should have made my living as a conceptual designer for music videos. Play me a song and I'll close my eyes and have an image almost immediately. The easiest are the Sunday Night Songs. Those are the songs that recall the mood you're in on the last Sunday night of summer when you're laying in the dark with the only visible light being that of the red power indicator on your radio. You can't sleep because you've been staying up late all summer, but you know you need to because you have to get up early in the morning. It's sort of a lonely feeling as you're laying there all by yourself with your only company the voice of the late night DJ. Boys of Summer is the most obvious version of the Sunday Night Song, but there are more. You Are The Everything by REM is another. And pretty much anything by Steely Dan.

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