Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Free Flow of Thoughts

Friends brought home a new dog today--a cute Labradoodle puppy. Her name is Elsa. This reminded me of Elsie the Cow of Bordon fame. Remember when gallons of milk came in big huge cartons rather than plastic jugs? I associate Bordon milk with that. Which reminds me of Sealtest milk. I think it might have been a Northeastern brand. Same with StateLine potato chips. And Charles Chips--they used to be delivered by a man and came in a big metal tin. Can you imagine a successful business of delivering potato chips to people's homes? I don't remember them be THAT good. My neighbors the Clarks used to get them. Mr. Clark was a State Trooper and a nurse. We had two male nurses that lived on our street. When I was little I thought it was odd that there were male nurses. My mom was a nurse and all of her co-workers who were nurses were female. Interestingly, neither of the men who were nurses were working as nurses. I wonder if they became nurses during Viet Nam. I'll have to ask mom.

Took a drive through my old hometown last week. It was fun to see all of those places. I love both of the towns and could see myself living in either of them again. I just don't know what I'd do for a living. I love the feel of a New England town. The town green, the one post office, the grocery store where you know the owner. When I was little, Gus DiNova the owner of the only grocery store in town saved my from rolling my mom's car into traffic. He yelled at me because I had put the car in neutral and was rolling backwards out of the parking lot. I think he yelled because it scared him. But his yelling scared me and I cried all the way home and up into my bedroom. I thought I was in so much trouble. Turns out my mom wasn't mad at me and now that I'm a mother I realize that she probably felt stupid for leaving my sister and I in the car unattended. But it was the 70's. I don't blame her. We lived in the safest little town. I went to a red schoolhouse. No need to think anything could happen.

Okay so I've gone from my friend's new dog to small towns in the 70's. Didn't think I'd get that far in two paragraphs--though I'm sure I'm not using completely perfect structure and could probably have used a few more paragraphs.

Trying to add an entry every day again. So sometimes it's just going to be these random thoughts.

Big day for the boys. They got to use Target gift cards. New buildings for their train set and birthday boy A got a new bike, an iPod shuffle AND a headset for his PS2. Happy, happy boys. As for me? Hair dye, shampoo for color-treated hair and oh yeah, don't forget the South Beach bars. I think I would have prefered a bike.

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