Monday, October 23, 2006

The Original Slim Shakey

Hubby actually came up with his own blog name, which will make it more difficult for him to complain about it later. He's selected Shakey. This is actually a moniker he picked up in college. Of course, when we started dating I became Mrs. Shakey to his friends...Frau Shakey. No one really shared the origin of the name until "Ger" came home for a visit.

Yeah, you SHOULD be thinking...Ger? What can I guy with a name like that be like? Well, apparently I met him after he reformed a bit, but he's very much the bull in the china shop who has studied so much latin that he can kick your ass at Scrabble when he's so drunk he doesn't know his own name.

So Ger was home for a visit and found out I didn't know the origin of "Shakey." He was so excited that he was going to be the one to get to tell me the story. The problem was that he was enjoying the story in his own head so much that he couldn't stop laughing long enough to get it out. He would get a few sentences into it and then fall back into this hysterical cackle and have to wipe the tears from his eyes. I was laughing so hard just watching him that when the entire story came out the it was like opening the most beautiful package on Christmas morning and finding underwear inside.

Stupid drunk college boys thought hubby was acting shady but got the word wrong and called him Shakey.

Of course you know the only name he'll answer to when the World Series is on...Shakey.

What's with that tunnel vision guys get when the TV is on?

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