Friday, October 06, 2006

Is There Anybody Out There?

First, this is a real question. I'm not sure why I feel the need to keep up with my blog. I could just be writing all of this in a journal, and then I wouldn't have to change any names to protect the innocent or hold back from sharing really juicy stories or some of my more bizarre thoughts. But there is something appealing about the idea of others being intersted in what you have to say. Call it narcissism, call it a desperate plea for validation...whatever...I still keep a journal online. I'm just not sure if anyone is really reading it. If you are...leave a comment...let me know. You don't have to say anything witty. Just let me know I actually have a reader or two. (How pathetic is it going to be when I come down tomorrow morning and there aren't going to be any comments? If there aren't, I may have to start really sharing my thoughts!)

But as I was coming up with my title for tonight I realized that there has been a tremendous amount of coincidence happening in my life lately. Now I recently had a conversation about theories of coincidence with someone much smarter than me who started throwing around Jung and I have to admit it was a bit intimidating--while at the same time intriguing. Anyway, the concept of synchronicity came up. I'm not what I would describe as a believer when it comes to notions such as the paranormal or alien life or quite frankly organized religion (though I'm not making a final judgement [yes pun intended] on the whole god/jesus thing in case it really is all true), but I do tend to be attracted to conspiracy theories and therefore I rule nothing out. So that's my very long way of saying that I usually just chalk up things to coincidence, but it's been happening so frequently lately that I might have to reconsider the whole synchronicity thing.

{Side note: My beloved Yankees are sucking right now. As a true Yankee fan it is completely my perogative--no job--to say bad things about them. But YOU can't! They just lost their second game to Detroit and if there is one more loss I'm going to owe someone a steak dinner. Crap.}

So what is this synchronicity I'm talking about? WELL, I truly just typed out the title because I was feeling sorry for myself and thinking I had no readers and then I realized that I had just been thinking about Pink Floyd the other day (and I know, big whoop what kind of story is that). And honestly, this isn't the best example of the alignment of planets that has been happening to me but it got me thinking about all of the others. Frankly, as I type this now I realize that there is no coincidence at all to this because obviously I would have Pink Floyd lyrics in my head since I've been thinking about the band. So it's no wonder that it just came out.

So there goes my whole theory. Now that I've shot this one down, I should probably go back and reexamine the other so-called coincidences that I've been seeing and find the underlying connections that can be easily explained. Man, what a bummer. I think I finally believe in a theory and then I shoot it all to hell. No wonder I don't consider myself a believer. After being in DC for just a few months I went out on a date with some DC type who told me I hadn't been here long enough to be as cynical as I was. The cynic in me then should have said "fuck him." Afterall, we honestly spent time during a date watching the President's speech (not the State of the Union mind you) on C-SPAN.

PS--For any of you who might be reading and who I haven't already hooked on this wonderful/aggravating/addictive game...check out this fun word association game. It's why I've been thinking about Pink Floyd (a band I lack any appreciation for) and not posting to my blog.

2 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Steve said...

I agree - fuck that guy... and the Yankees too. ;-) And if it was really synchronicity, wouldn't you have been thinking about The Police?

Anonymous said...

The Yankees...really? I don't know if we can continue to be friends anymore. But I love you anyway!!!!