Sunday, October 29, 2006

Celebrate With Badges!

When I went into labor for the first time, a friend reminded me that there was no merit badge to be gained by delivering without drugs. A smart women she is; however, I think anyone who delivers or raises a child deserves truck loads of merit badges.

Has UPS lost your address? Well have no fear, Merit Badge Day is here! We all need to pat ourselves on the shoulder every once in a while (even if you haven't delivered a child or aren't raising one right now--I'm sure you deserve one anyway). So Sunday is now going to be Merit Badge Day here at Mamma Loves...

Every Sunday, drop on by and let us know which merit badge you earned this week. Tell your friends, encourage them to do the same. We'll keep track and a running total of merit badges awarded.

Sound good? Okay, I'll start.

Mr 2. had a major meltdown morning (which seems to be happening quite a bit lately). When everyone else was out of solutions to tame the full on tatrum, Mamma solved it with a pile of coloring books and a basket of crayons. While I'm sure it won't work again next time, it worked this morning and there was peace this morning for fifteen whole minutes in a row. For this I award myself the Fire Fighting badge.

Your turn...

3 Deserve Mamma's Love:

OhTheJoys said...

Right on sister! Amens & Hallelujahs from the choir. I want a badge!

(I also want one for contracting Malaria in Africa...)

karrie said...

This weekend I earned the Bags Under My Eyes Badge. DST=toddler convinced that we should all get up for the day at 3am.

Anonymous said...

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