Monday, October 09, 2006

Cleaning Even Mamma Can Love

Today I got to play with a powerwasher. Let me just say that if I could use a powerwasher to clean the inside of my house I would be goddamn Martha Stewart.

What immediate gratification! What a sense of accomplishment! And all with just the squeeze of the trigger!

I seriously put thought into the kind of flooring and plumbing I could install in my house to be able to use this tool from God. I'm thinking some central drains, a terrazzo floor and all my furniture made of poured concrete. Ahhhh. Makes me kind of think of the bar I hung out in in college--well except for the terrazo and the concrete furniture. Okay, so it really was just the drain in the center of the floor. But now I'm wondering why the cleaning crew even bothered with anything but the powerwasher.

The powerwasher--I bet it could even get my boys clean.

I'll never have a dirty driveway again.

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