Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Is This What They Meant by "Keep an Active Fantasy Life in Your Marriage"?

hubbyIM: Torre is staying if you haven't heard (Joe Torre of the Yankees)
mammaIM: I did hear
mammaIM: I was so relieved
mammaIM: I knew Steinbrenner hadn't gone that far off the deep end.
mammaIM: any word on the conditions/changes
hubbyIM: only one condition....
hubbyIM: I play second base
mammaIM: so I guess we have to move...
hubbyIM: I'll just commute
mammaIM: okay
mammaIM: but how are we going to get to the games?
hubbyIM: Steiny (as I like to call him) said you could use the private jet.
mammaIM: cool. he's such a doll

*IM screen names have been changed to protect the guilty.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! That is SO the story of my life and IM relationship with daddy o' my kids, too!