Monday, September 22, 2008

Thoughts While Stapling Eleventy Bajillion Pieces of Paper for the PTA

Wonder how long this is going to take me.

Is this the most efficient way to assemble these?

This stapler sucks.

Dog chewing edge of box--well at least she's not teething on my toes. Could be worse.

That box is a virtual cornucopia of fundraising flyers.

This stapler sucks.

Screw it. They're stapled.

Shit, some Kindergartener is going to cut their hand on that staple. Do over.

Freaking husband. Convenient phone call while I'm sitting here with all this to do.

This stapler sucks.

Wonder if I should take that blogging gig. Interesting topic. Do I have time? Will I have anything to say? Will I need to research? Think I'll take it. I'm not sure.

Wonder if the motion I'm using to lean over and sit back up counts as core exercise? It should. I can feel it. My posture sucks. If I sat up better, I bet it would count.

How sad is it that I'm considering stapling as exercise??

But I'm sweating. Okay--that's cause I turned off the air.

This stapler sucks.

Still on the phone my mate? I swear it's because you can still hear my stapler.

What?? You're offering to help? Sure count and label these.

Bonus points to hubs for helping out.

Well it's his kids' school too. Damn right he should.

I'm a bitch.

Kinda fun hanging out doing this together.

Shit I'm not stapling fast enough.

Oh look and help from a four year-old!

I'm going to be here all night.

Thank god for the short attention span in four year old.

I must be close to done.

Hmmm. I could write a blog post about this.

This stapler still sucks.

What? We're only through the 1st grade classes?!

And there goes the hubs.

I'm going to be here all night.

What shows do I have to set up on TiVo this season? I liked that Criminal Minds.

I watch too many cop shows.

Didn't get many emails today.

I'm going to die alone.

This stapler sucks.

14 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Anonymous said...

Imagine the thoughts that would have run through your mind had you used a paper hole punch.;)

Anonymous said...

Well... your sanity is clearly intact, since you were able to put those thoughts together coherently.

Nancy said...

And how many times did you have to refill the damn thing?

You have a lot of patience, or a well stocked liquor cabinet =)

The Laundress said...


Those might be my daily thoughts...minus the sucking stapler.

Ndinombethe said...

hahahahaha it's like you were in my head when I'm doing mundane tasks.

Great post, and yes, take the blogging gig (she says without knowing what the hell it is)

Paige Jennifer said...

So YOU have my stapler!?!?!?

Unknown said...

Your thought stream is strikingly similar to mine.....but I would have quit early on, and pretty much tossed the stapler into my husband's lap and gone to find some chocolate. :)

Stimey said...

You crack me up, woman.

Queen of the Mayhem said...


I often will spit out a statement that sounds like it is totally out of left field. Yet...if the person who is staring at me as though I am insane would have only read my mind she would know that it is perfectly in line with the neurotic thoughts that have been spinning through my brain!

Oh...and you SHOULD do the writing thing! MOST DEFINITELY!

Baby Bunching said...

I'm cracking up. You need the red stapler from Office Space. I'm sure they sell it on ebay for a ton of money. You should invest that. At least it would be pretty to look at. How nice of you to volunteer to staple. :-0

Anonymous said...

I love the free-flowing thought stream! This is why when I talk, my husband makes me walk him through how I got there. So when I say something like - "remind me to empty the compost bin" in the middle of a conversation about the current election, he wants to know where my mind just went and how I got to this particular thought. It's entertaining to see how your mind works- apparently similar to mine...

Kristin said...

Next time, I suggest adding a margarita to the equation.

Gwen said...

And the PTA will never honor you in the way you deserve for all that stapling.

Lisa said...

That settles it, I'm getting you a fancy stapler for Christmas!

I agree with Nancy. You need more liquor for a project like that.