Thursday, September 04, 2008

They Said It

Pardon this post for posterity, but I had to capture just a few of the lines that have been handed to me by the boys recently.

Little P
(who is still 4)

Getting ready to leave for the pool:

LP: "I want a tan. I don't want to put any sunblock on so I can get a tan."

Me: "You have to wear sunblock to protect your skin. You'll still get a tan."

LP: "Not as tan as A."

Jay (his 6 y.o. brother): "Duh! You're not going to get tan. You can't be brown like A. It's how you're born."
The next day...
LP: "I still want a tan. I don't have to wear sunblock today, right."

Me: "You still need to."

LP: "No! I won't get tan."
Out on the boat watching whales:
Gramma Gramma: "LP, want to come over here and see the whales?"

LP: "No. They are very big and I am very small."

Jay (age 6)

Being ripped away from his brother's wrestling game on the PSP (which I DID NOT buy):
Me: "You know I don't like you to play that game."

Jay: "Girls just don't get sweat and blood."
Laying in bed last night:
Jay: "I love you mom. I'll love you even when you're old and dead."

Big A
(who just turned 12)
*eye roll* "sigh" *eye roll* "sigh"

10 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Genie said...

I'm very fair-skinned and my older half-brother is very dark-skinned. When I was about Jay's age, I told my mother I couldn't decide if I wanted to be black or white when I grew up. When my mother laughed, I said I didn't know if I wanted to be black like Doug (my brother) or not. It's like I thought he'd picked his skin coloring out at the store to wear as a suit.

My mother explained that Doug just tans better than Daddy or I do and that his butt was just as white as mine.

"Oh, ok, whatever. I guess I'll be white then."

The Laundress said...

Very very cute.

Queen of the Mayhem said...


I, too...will still love you when you are old and dead! :)

PS: JM just sang a rock song about being, "big,brown boy"

Yeah...about that...he is as pasty as I am! :)

Bananas said...

"they are very big and I am very small" OH how I love that!

Such sweet pictures of your boys!!

Ndinombethe said...

Great! Gotta capture those moments for when our memory fails us.

love the eye roll sigh bit.. ahah!

My boy has a gorgeous complexion (mixed white and black) and adorable curls. When he was little he wanted his hair to be straight and white like his cousins. Please mum?! Now he loves his hair (phew!) and rocks an afro (a "fro" according to him) every summer until we have to cut it for school.

Bree said...


Old and Dead. Sprinkle some of that sugar on me THEN, sweetie!

So funny.

Old friend here! From CT... new name and new blog. So nice to be back!

flutter said...

I am dead from the cute!

C. said...

Out of the mouths of babes. :) Gotta love it!!!

Ruth Dynamite said...

I'll love you when I'm old and dead, too.

Beth said...

No pardon necessary. Recording and sharing such moments are what blogging is all about.
Beautiful pics - beautiful kids!