Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dreams, Observations and the Final Clue

Okay kids you have just a few hours left to win one of two HP Photobooks in the Where in the World is Mamma Contest. Get your guesses and rhymes in now. The final clue is at the end of this post.

I woke up this morning having visited Broadway in my dreams. We never actually made it to the show, but we were contemplating the tickets we were going to purchase. The top show on our list? CHUCK! A musical adaptation of Chuck Norris' book Little Brother.

You want the drugs I have don't you?

Tonight Larry King will host a number of stars who will be talking about the importance of voting. Now while this is a topic I can get behind 110%, I must wonder who Larry is using as a booking agent. The headling guest? Josh Groban.

What is this Soft Rock the Vote?

Or maybe this is Larry's sneaky way to throw his support behind Hillary by getting all the middle-aged white women to the polls.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday. As BOSSY would say, I'm pulling for Barak Oboyfriend.


14 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Bananas said...

wham damn blammy
is mamma in miami?

Anonymous said...

KEY WEST????? If so, have some pie for me.

Lisa said...

Hi lady.

Am checking in with ya to see how ya are.

I didn't realize you were out o' town. Yeehaw!

Have fun!

Mammaloves... A party
Mammaloves... A drink travel
Mammaloves... to look chic!

Ok. There's my rhyme. I know, "drink" and "chic" don't really sound the same. Dorky but that's what you get at 10:30 at night. Oh and as for where you are... Obviously someplace warm but I have no clue as to what town. Hope you are having fun tho!

Unknown said...

Obviously, you're in Corpus Christi Texas.

Just e-mail me and I'll give you the address where you can send me my prize.

Unknown said...

Can you tell that I ignore rules, by the way?

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Oh I get it. You are in a cult. The one with that wears the pyramids on their heads. I'm not sure where the cult is based but I'm guessing somewhere in Texas because we have all the best cults.

Beth said...

Despite your clues, I haven't a "clue" where you are.
But wherever it is, it looks beautiful. Hope you're having (had?) a great time. (I'm envious.)

Paige Jennifer said...

Wait, you're on an oil drill platform? Cause that's what that building in the distance looks like...

I'm going with...Naples Florida. Or Cuba. Definitely one or the other. I'm certain.

Julie Pippert said...


And like I need some Hollywoodian to tell em to vote...

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Didn't I already win this thing?

I know that pier.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Under Chuck's beard there is no chin....only another fist!


I stole that line from "Family Guy" such a tasteful show! :)

Unknown said...

Somewhere in south Florida? Or a Legoland?

And Josh Groban makes me want to thrust ice picks in my ears. And why is hi talking about voting?

Anonymous said...

Wherever you are, soooo sorry about your ankle!! Ouch!!! Did it happen out of town? Even worse!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I feel like a big dummy, but I'm stumped...I'm with the Miami/Florida/Key West guessers.