Friday, December 08, 2006

Someone's Getting Married!!

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Well we have wonderful news tonight. There's going to be a wedding!!! And we're invited!

Yes, yest it seems that the Mad Hatter popped the question and Jen from One Plus Two said yes! They've asked us all to join them in this marriage of the minds, and all we have to do is take some time out to discuss social justice on our blog.

Social justice? THAT I can talk about--though you might not think so if you knew some of the people I work with these days. BUT, you see, Mamma moved to DC thinking she was going to save the world for women. I spent the first seven years in DC working for NARAL Pro-Choice America (at the time just NARAL).

The "choice" issue has, for me, always meant so much more than the right to get an abortion but the right to self-determination on issues pertaining to one's body. I've always felt that a person's position on the abortion issue told me so much about their whole outlook on the rights of all humans. The right to have sex with the consenting adult of your choice, the right to abstain from sex, the right to decorate your body, the right to change your body in some way, the right to prevent someone from changing your body...the right to make decisions for oneself and for the body your soul inhabits while on this planet is that too much to ask?

There are plenty of decisions folks may make under this precept that I don't agree with or wouldn't pursue myself, but I'll defend their right to make those decisions till the end. I don't ask for all people to condone abortion, but to leave the decision up to the woman who must face that decision herself.

Would that we had a world where every pregnancy was a wanted pregnancy, unfortunately that is just not the reality. We should all be working to make it a reality, yet those organizations (and their supporters) who label themselves as "pro-life" aren't necessarily concerned with this. The National Right to Life organization clearly states in their mission statement that they do not even have a position on sex-education or contraception! How can they claim to want to reduce abortion in this country but not even engage in a conversation about how to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies?!

As a mother, I know how awe-inspiring bringing a child into this world is. As a mother, I also know the patience, resources and love needed to raise a healthy child. How many children would be raised without those things if we were to outlaw abortion? And please don't send me a comment about all those unwanted babies being adopted...I'm adopted. You know how many kids in this country go unadopted every year? Being adopted has never once affected my feeling on this issue because of the very premise this post began with--the decisions about one's body need to be made by the brain inhabiting that body.

I hope this post wasn't too rambling. I hope it counts as a post about social justice.

Weddings are such happy times. I hope you all decide to take part in this wedding too. I'll look for your posts.

6 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Eric said...

Good post. Yes, it definitely counts. Since I probably won't get around to doing a "social justice" post for awhile, is commenting on yours good enough? I'm pretty sure the wedding has an open bar and I could really use a drink.

Amie Adams said...

Please! I'm sure the girls would love to have you.

Scotch or bourbon?

OhTheJoys said...

Amens and hallelujahs from the choir on this one! I love that you worked for NARAL!! (Goes wild with applause!!!)

Girlplustwo said...

you are totally welcome to join us on Sunday!

and mamma...what an AMAZING post. i couldn't agree more.

get your dancing shoes on and show up thirsty.

carrie said...

Wonderful post, and just to let you know I nearly rear-ended the car in front of me with a bumper sticker reading "Planned Parenthood, killing generations one baby at a time". Why, how can there be people like this in the world? It makes me sick. Thankfully, there are enough people like you, who still care and will continue to care enough to do something about it! Bava!


Mad said...

The tardy bride (whose real family demanded love of all things after I pulled an all-nighter on the wedding post) is finally getting around to all the tables at the reception. I apologize for my delay.

Great post. Choice is an issue that is very close to my heart right now because the place I live is actively denying women this fundamental right. It is a sad and infuriating story. I wrote about it back in September:

The more of us who are out there explaining this issue rationally and with conviction--like you have here--the greater awareness will be.

Thanks, MH