Monday, December 11, 2006

It's So Loud in Here, Can't You Hear It?

Day 41

Why do we always get sick at the worst times? It's two weeks before Christmas, work is ridiculously busy and we just lost a staff member and now I'm sick. I've been fighting it for days but I think it's coming for me. Both the little guys have had fevers and I just haven't been able to get warm since yesterday. Couple that with the sensation that I might pass out every time I stand up and it makes it difficult to get anything done. UGH!!! How annoying!

Thinking I should cut this short and head to bed. Sleep is probably the best strategy at this point. But I'll leave you with this question.

Do you ever feel like there are thoughts or conversations going on in your head that feel so loud that it seems like everyone should be able to hear them, yet you know they don't? When it happens to me I'm always struck by how quiet or calm I might appear on the outside and how different that is from what I'm hearing/feeling on the inside. It's not a comfortable feeling. Do you ever experience that? Please tell me you do...someone?

3 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Anonymous said...

How high is your fever? ;)

I used to think really mean, snarky things about people at work, but they had no idea. The plastic smile on my face hid my true thoughts.

Almost every blogger I read has battled the crud this week. I feel like warmed over donkey ass, personally.

Anonymous said...

We are still battling the last vestiges of our last bout of crud. It started about a month ago.

Anonymous said...

oops. hit that button too quick. A friend sent me a sound clip that is helpful in those moments when you are thinking very loudly of how much you would like to smack your stoopid coworker. It's entitled.. "I'm going Whoop somebodies A$$" and when hummed it sounds like a pleasent tune.