Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Enjoying the Sameness

It wasn't the first time I slept on the main floor at my aunt and uncle's house.

The house has been the location of family gatherings for long before I was around. My aunt and uncle inherited it from my great-grandfather. We think he bought it from his father. We don't really know how long it's been there, that's just as far back as anyone living knows the story.

It isn't a big house, though it does have three bedrooms, so when the family gets together--usually at Easter--you sleep wherever you can find space. Since most of my life I have been part of the youngest generation that usually meant I camped on the floor.

Last week, I woke up on the couch after a restless night's sleep. I needed to get up and start getting ready, but I just lay there taking in the sounds and smells that were both familiar and comforting.

The smell of coffee brewing. The sounds of voices catching up over breakfast. Silverware clinking on dishes. Footsteps padding on the wood floor. No sound is too harsh. Each is round and just a bit muted by the lifetime of possessions that fill the house.

I can taste the Rice Chex and creamy milk that I'm going to eat. There are always Rice Chex in my aunt's cupboard.

I'll be greeted by the "adults." I'll be called "sleepy head" and I'll give them the same smile I have since I was teenager (the yep I love to sleep smile).

I know exactly what the next thirty minutes will entail and yet I lay still soaking it all in for just a few minutes more, because I know this is the last time I'll enjoy the routine.

For after breakfast, we'll be showering and dressing and getting in the car to head to my aunt's funeral. This will be the last family gathering in the house. Everyone has moved away--moved on. The house will be sold.

It's time to get up now, and it's okay. I will have those sounds and smells in my head forever, and for that I am grateful.

9 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Lawyer Mama said...

Love this. We all need one place like your aunt's in our lives.

KC said...

What a beautiful post. Hugs to you and your family.

Unknown said...

I feel the same about my aunt.

Kris said...

Is this the Boston Area? It looks like it!

1A said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. What a lovely tribute and memories.

Anonymous said...

As a kid, my grandmother lived in one of those high rise building for senior citizens. My spot was on a blanket in front of the door. I'd be wake up every morning to the sound of the caretaker, knocking on the door, making sure grandma was still alive and kicking.

She passed many years ago, and there are times I miss that knock . . .

Over here from Mitch's site and enjoying the view . . .

Unknown said...

Great post. And really dig nostalgia and this had plenty of good stuff.

We had similar places in my family as a kid, though no longer, and I'm really bummed my kids will never have that experience.

Oh, and I need some clarification on your lifeguard comment. :)

PFunky said...

What wonderful memories. What a nice time you must have had, even if the feelings were bittersweet.

eda said...