Friday, September 11, 2009

Did I Mention I Knit?

Yeah. Not really. But I'm trying to learn.

I picked up this incredible self-striping yarn in April.

And in less than a week I had this (My model complained that it's too hot. Perfect for cold days I say.). Nobody told me how addictive this knitting is.

For my next trick, I went online and ordered scads of bright colored cotton yarn to attempt a log cabin blanket.

I chose my youngest to be the recipient of my first blanket thinking he'd be less likely to notice any flaws. Little did I know I'd create a task master. G*d forbid I sit down and do nothing. All I hear is "Mom why aren't you knitting? You need to be knitting my blanket." I apologize now to his future spouse.

The end of the blanket is near and the fantastic folks over at Try Handmade hipped me to a newish fiber store not far from my office/house (remind me to call Erika when I need to be bailed out of debtors prison).

Well at Fibre Space I found this beautiful wool. I have deluded challenged myself to knit a sweater out of it.

Stop laughing. At least my goodies all came in this adorable reusable bag.

17 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Petit Elefant said...

I can't believe the log cabin knit quilt! Who knew you were so clever? And of course you can do a sweater. Think of it as Winter Therapy.

Unknown said...

Omg, rock!!!!

flutter said...

welcome to my addiction.

Lindsay Jean said...

Welcome to the club! Knitting is very addictive, and when you're not screaming in fury and ripping out row after row - it can be quite relaxing as well.

That blanket is beautiful, well done.

Erika Jurney said...

Ha ha ;)

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Beautiful yarn! I love yarn ... I am just totally clueless as to what to do with it! : )

Pgoodness said...

Those are fantastic! I'm sure you'll have no problem making a fabulous sweater!

Paige Jennifer said...

I have a bad habit of buying yarn without having a project in mind. Or, um, starting a project and then stopping halfway through. You inspired me to put that green/blue sueded ribbon yarn to use (woohoo)! You're a needle rock star!

eda said...




Liz@thisfullhouse said... I want to learn to make prettiful knitty-things, too!

PFunky said...

That blue will look so gorgeous with your eyes! I am so impressed that you've done so much! Hey, knit me a hat to cover my bald head...that cannot take much yarn and the blue will also look good on me!!! LOL! xoxo and keep on knitting, girl!

jessicabold said...

Wow. I don't knit...don't even think I could manage to get the yarn out without tangling it all up...nice job.

Beth said...

I am not laughing – and I LOVE the colour you chose for the sweater.
Lucky you to have those adorable models!

(thanks for the tip re: casts & stress fractures)

MamaKaren said...

Hah, you don't know what you are in for! I taught myself to knit from a book about six years ago, and now it's an obsession. Have you joined Ravelry yet? 'Cause you know you need just one more social networking site to help feed your new addiction.

Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer said...

i am a nonprofit knitter who, like you Mamma, is in love with knitting.
Here is something for your inner mermaid!

Heather said...

knitting is addicting and never ever try spinning because its worse. Great projects! And chunky yarn for your first sweater is a great choice. Can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...