Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Work Here is Done

Though winded from my happy dance, I wanted to be sure to record for posterity the conversation my son and I just had in the car.

Mr. Cool 8th Grader: Mom! I love history this year. It's not really history. It's civics. We're talking about government and politics and stuff.

Me: I loved civics.

(I was a political science major you know)

MC8G: We talked about the President's speech today.

Me: Really?

(thinking he's referring to the President's speech to the students)

MC8G: Yeah. That guy who yelled out...what an idiot. I mean he's the President. You have to respect the office, ya know. It's okay to think bad things, but you can't always say them. He's going to get it.

Me: See why I've been telling you that about not always having to comment on ev-ery thing? Did you know that Congressman's likely opponent in the next election raised over $350k in the last 24 hours? All for that one little sentence he yelled.

(Pause while MC8G scarfs down the rest of his burrito.)

MC8G: You know, if there weren't men in this world there probably wouldn't be any wars. That's just my two cents on it.

Me: (Trying to concentrate above the sounds of angels singing in my ears) What makes you say that?

MC8G: I don't know it's complicated.

Me: Is it because you think women wouldn't start wars?

MC8G: Yeah. They probably wouldn't solve problems that way.

Me: Well not all men want to solve problems that way.

MC8G: Oh I know. Some people have to fight. It's their job.

Me: Yes. If you're in the military you have to follow orders. That is your job. War isn't always wrong, but sometimes we do get in wars we probably don't have to.

MC8G: Why can't we just be like Australia and kick back with our kangaroos? They just hang out. They don't bother anyone.

Me: Well sometimes they join in.

MC8G: But most the time they're hanging out on the porch petting their kangaroos. That's what we should be like.

I'd like to believe this is all due to my incredible parenting, but HE CAME UP WITH THESE IDEAS ON HIS OWN PEOPLE!

This is the same child who shaved off most of his eyebrows in first grade because he thought they were getting too long.

I think I should probably quit here while I'm ahead.

12 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Liv said...

good job, mamma!

Pgoodness said...

Either way, fine job Mamma!! He's fabulous!!

Neil said...

That is wonderful, but has he ever been in an Australian bar? Russell Crowe? But he is still young.


Amanda said...

Fabulous indeed!

Bayou Belle said...

I have to admit at first when I started reading this I thought it was going to go a completely different way.

Unknown said...

He's absolutely right. Why aren't we all just kicking back with our kangaroos? I'm all for it. And I'm a dude.

Now I have to go see a man about a wallaby.

Anonymous said...

That kid is cool:) As a history major, made me smile. Hope I hear these wise words from my son in a few years.

Just had to Kirtsy the post

Thanks for being part of the Gratitude Challenge!

Kerry said...

Wow, that is so cool. So when are you getting a kangaroo?

(especially loved the part about angels singing!)

PunditMom said...

You go, Mamma! And let me know when he's running for office. I"m so voting for him! ;)

Lex - @laprimera said...

That's it, I'm moving to Australia where I can sit on my porch all day with my kangaroo! Love it!!!

Stimey said...

Cool kid. :)

eda said...