Monday, June 25, 2007

In the Shower

Monday morning quickly trying to rid my body of a busy weekend's grime and an aggressive knock is heard at the door.

Shakey: What are you doing on the side?

Me: [thinking to myself] What? I only use the vibrator when you're not available.

Me: huh?

Shakey: I just went to get money from your wallet and there's a ton of cash in there.

Me: Yeah, I was dancing. [eye roll] The Smith family paid me in cash for the fanwear (for little league, not MY fans).

Me: [again to myself] Sheesh! He of anyone should know my blow jobs cost WAY more than that.

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Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure I do more than hint on my blog. :) But you know me...blow job and vibrator talk is always welcome. I say have at it. The more the merrier.

Chris H said...

Maybe not, I'm not a stuck up prude by any means... but a blog about sex is not for me. Thanks anyway! You open yourself up to all sorts on that topic actually, and it is not always nice comments you are likely to get.

Amie Adams said...

Me: [again to myself] Damn! He of anyone should know my blow jobs cost WAY more than that.

Chris H said...

Whatever tickles your fancy mate! I just wonder, what do you feel you need to explain, are ya kinky or what! Yikes, here i go on your comments box asking about ya sex life already already! Not me normally, don't answer that! Have a wonderful day chick.

Amie Adams said...

Kinky? Yeah, I'm a suburban wife with three boys. We're really involved in Little League. But you should see my latex! Just kidding!

Guess it was a stupid idea, which is weird since some of my best occur in the shower.

Steve said...

I laughed my butt off.

I guess you are the big breadwinner since he needs to go through your purse for cash.

Kellyology said...

Here I was going to leave a nice little comment of support from a fellow woman married to a fiscally conservative man who suspicious of anyone carrying cash and wha? I am so confused by today's comments! Is it just me???lol

Jennifer said...

What the? What a kooky commenter above.

Anyhow, just wanted to tell you that I realize now I need to be CHARGING for my services! Why didn't I think of this before? Thanks for the idea.

Beth said...

Say whatever you like - hell, it's your own blog!
And you're one funny lady...

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

Shouldn't he know by now that the money from "the side" isn't stashed in your wallet? It's most certainly in your panty drawer.

Amie Adams said...

Mitch: Why do you think I read your blog?

Chris: I knew what you meant.

*In her defense, this post was edited. I originally suggested creating an anonymous blog called "Yeah, Your Parents ARE Having Sex" because I mentioned that I felt like sex--unless funny--was a bit taboo in the parent blogging world even though we all know it happens.

Steve: Oh don't I wish!

Jennifer: Get with the program. How do you think we're all paying for BlogHer?

Beth: Aw, I'm blushing.

Canape: Of course!

Anonymous said...

You are hysterical!!

Her Grace said...

See, now my husband would have seen the cash and said, "Oh! Money!" and taken it to avoid having to go to the money machine.

Great blog...I'll be back!

Southern (in)Sanity said...

"What? I only use the vibrator when you're not available."


I spit water all over my monitor when I read that.


Attila the Mom said...


Unknown said...

This cracked me up.

"What? I only use the vibrator when you're not available."

I wonder if we all (lie and) tell our husbands that. :)