Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Really Shouldn't Waste the Energy...

...but this pisses me off.

Paris Hilton has been released from prison and is serving the rest of her sentence under house arrest.


Sources are citing "medical" conditions for this development.

What?! What could it possibly be that demanded house arrest?

I was thinking maybe constipation or having to pee in front of others.


Those are the same things that happened to me after birth. Oh yeah! And, I didn't leave the house for a while either.

Sorry for the interruption. Move along. OF COURSE that's the appropriate manner to deal with those "conditions" (and my shit comes out in baggies).

House arrest should help her get better. I mean I didn't have the maids, butlers, goose feather pillows or cooks, but I like to rough it like that.

13 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Paula said...

Apparently the food was icky. Poor baby. And she probably needed a manicure too. Now let's hope she doesn't get behind the wheel and kill someone.

Mike Minzes said...

Great blog!! I will be back for more


karrie said...

Is it wrong that I was a little bit jealous when I read about the 23 hours of alone time? :D

The food did sound pretty icky to me, but yeah, unless she has a serious illness, I think she should have served her time in jail.

Maybe it was too much for the staff to keep her isolated?

Wendy said...

They are saying that she has seen a doctor while in jail and he determined that she was close to a nervous break down. Oh I get it, she didnt like jail. Well, who does?

Whatever, I know she will roast in hell. Live it up baby, because karma is a bitch.

Lawyer Mama said...

Must be rough to be Paris Hilton.

Because nobody ever has a difficult time emotionally in jail. Right.

Chris H said...

Totally with you on this one! She is so unbelievable, hope she can't do a book about this now, I mean, did she spend enough time there to gather enough "material" for a book??? Knowing that silly b-arch, she did!

Gunfighter said...

a man in the city that stloe a purse with 20 dollars init would have gone to jail for a year... maybe more.

Just don't get me started.

Creative-Type Dad said...

They should make her stand in line at the DMV for 23 days.

That'll show her not to drive drunk with an expired license!!

Jennifer said...

Constipation and peeing in front of others...ha ha!

So glad to hear she's back in jail!

Seattle Mamacita said...

i'm with gunfighter...but my question is why would anyone with Paris' financial resources ever EVER drink and drive

Daisy said...

She is totally out of touch with the real world. Oh, yeah, she's always been out of touch with the real world!

PunditMom said...

Hmm. Now she's back in. How long will she stay this time? I'm sure the family can send over some of those nice 1000 count sheets from the hotel.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I am so over Paris......Fox News actually referred to her as a "Celebutard"......LOVED THAT!