Saturday, April 07, 2007

Do They WANT the Easter Bunny to Come?

It would means they actaully need to GO to sleep!

The Bunny's getting tired, and she still has baskets to fill!

Got to get to bed early so I have enough energy to meet the early morning sugar high.

Woohoo! Easter candy.

Help me!!!!!

4 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Stay focused and think of all that candy you can enjoy, too! Plus, as the basket filler, you get first dibs on the good stuff!

Beth said...

Advice from an "older mamma" - get up earlier than the kids (if possible), have a coffee and then dig into the chocolate. Your "high" will match theirs - or be greater! It will get you to noon - at least.
Happy Easter!

PunditMom said...

The bad news is, even tho' PunditGirl claims she no longer believes, she still wants to know when and where the goodies are going to come from and how has it arrived! The problem with whether you go with fantasy or reality!

Lisa said...

Am wondering how your Easter Morning went. Hope you got a little candy to give you a bit of a "pick me up." :-)

LOVE your new banner! (can I call it a masthead because I really want to.) SO pretty and fun!