Friday, April 13, 2007

Bad Things Happen in Threes

It's no secret I love New Orleans. I mean there's the food and the way of life and the food and the architecture and the food and the people and the food and the architecture and...well you get the point. There's something else I've lately discovered about the city--and well the state. They turn out some kick-ass bloggers.

One is particular is NOLA Notes. She quickly drew me in and I was compelled to add her to my daily reads. Please stop by and tell her hi, hear what it's like to be committed to that wonderful city.

Now, she was darling enough to ask me to tell you some three things, but I have to admit the request was made some time ago and I fell a little behind so I hope it's not too late to comply.

Three Things That Scare Me: Michael Bolton, Kenny G & Star Jones

Three People Who Make Me Laugh: Shakey, PFunky & Eddie Izzard

Three Things I Love: hugs and kisses from my boys, dancing until the wee hours & lying on sparsely populated beach with a cabana boy to adjust my chair and bring me frosty beverages

Three Things I Hate: the Head On commercials, that carbs don't make you skinny & being cold and wet at the same time

Three Things I Don’t Understand: murder, intolerance & Portugese

Three Things On My Desk: a cup of Pop Tops (save 'em, send them to me), random papers I don't want but don't think I should throw away & old copies of Roll Call

Three Things I’m Doing Right Now: Watching I Love the 80's-1987, drying off and drinking a Diet Pepsi

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die: Visit the Grand Canyon, Go on a photo safari in Africa & vacation in the South Pacific

Three Things I Can Do: make a garden grow, rap all the words to It's Tricky & supposedly VACUUM

Three Things I Can’t Do: fold fitted sheets neatly, pee (neatly) standing up & grow hair on my chest

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To: Your Mamma, your kidlings & your gut

Three Things You Should Never Listen To: Michael Bolton, Kenny G & Star Jones

Three Things I’d Like To Learn: to SCUBA dive, be a doctor & to be a good photographer

Three Favorite Foods: homemade pasta, crusty bread & bananas foster

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid: Mr. Rogers, The Electric Company & Zoom

So you've humored my by hanging with me this far. Thanks.

Now if the following three bloggers would--okay I can't come up with any witty way to say "do this meme" and frankly I'm now singing to myself, "her name was trio and she dances on the sand..." Do you think I'm stuck in the 80's?! Anyway, I'd like Steve, Southern Fried Mom and Eva Las Vegas to play along. Sure hope they will.

12 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Special K ~Toni said...

Haha! 'Michael Bolton, Kenny G & Star Jones'- I agree. On BOTH parts!

Glad to know that you can't grow chest hair! Neither can I!

Pendullum said...

Great list and like Toni I was stuck on what you should never listen to...

Beth said...

Interesting (and funny) life, dreams and ambitions you have.
Best of luck with the MD. degree. You know, it could be done...

Jill said...

I always thought her name was "Rio."

I like the new banner! Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Our connection just keeps getting weirder. I am very involved with the New Orleans Ronald McDonald House and collect those pop tops, too! You should have seen the House (and huge bags of pop tops) after Katrina came through. Yuck!

Thanks for pimping my site! :)

Southern Fried Mom said...

Girl, I am all over it!!! I love memes, and will always take the opportunity to spread worthless knowledge about myself. The Star Jones thing is too funny...I have a morbid fascination with her & various other celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Giada de Laurentiis...I can't stand them, but I can't turn away. I must watch. I could do a whole series of posts about Star's bug-eyed, Bratz-doll looking, won't-tell-I-had gastic-self-promoting ways...but yet, I'm drawn like a moth to a flame. Look for the meme in the next day or so!

Southern Fried Mom said...

I misspelled "gastric"...yeah, those 180 pounds just floated off her like magic in six months--whatever!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Great meme! I agree with you on so many of these!

LOVE banana's foster, Electric Company
"VAC----CUUM.....VACCUUM" hee-hee, and I am also perpetually stuck in the 80's! :)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Thanks for the mention, by the way! It made my day!

Southern Fried Mom said...

And Angelina Jolie...don't even get me started on her...

I'm taking my rants back to my own blog now.

Anonymous said...

If you can sing 'It's Tricky' you are a goddess among women.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I will go straight to the TV from where ever I am and turn it so I don't have to hear that most annoying commercial of allll times!!

I would never every buy the stuff...
or anything made my those loons.