Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blog Guilt

I haven't posted in a few days and I'm actually suffering from blog guilt.

Now Shakey might define "blog guilt" as the guilt a blogger SHOULD experience as they ignore their in-person family to spend time posting and reading other blogs, but I am experiencing something a little different.

I'm feeling guilty because I've been lying in bed trying to get better (yes I have strep for the third time in six weeks--and I'm not a sickly person), and meanwhile I can't come up with any coherent thoughts that seem worthy of sharing. Now I certainly have a few things I've been batting around...but nothing that seems to entertain even me.

So once again, I present you with the detritus bouncing around in my noggin.

How many TV personalities made their "breakthrough" via a natural disaster? Certainly, Anderson Cooper let himself be blown around a few hurricanes before he started "keeping them honest" after Katrina. After watching way too much CNN, I'm predicting that Rob Marciano will be next. Not to belittle the awful tornadoes that hit FL this week, but I think people are going to start noticing how cute he really is...though Soledad is down there too, so he may not get all the camera time Anderson commanded by his willingness to be blown away.

Don't hold this against me...I was in a sorority. Now I've heard all the had to buy your friends, etc. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I didn't really know anyone when I arrived at school. It was a good way to meet some folks. I don't think I would have survived the process at a big state school...I just can't maintain a smile (or withhold snarky comments) that long, but in New Orleans it was a whole different thing. There was no living in the sorority house because that would have been a violation of the brothel laws--you HAVE to love New Orleans--so you didn't spend all your time with just "sisters." Besides, we had the opportunity for a social life outside of the "greek" world because well it's hard not to have a social life in NOLA.

I definitely didn't "love" (say with high-pitched BFF voice) all the women in my sorority. There was a division of members between the cool women and the "muffins." You see the "muffins" followed all the rules. They didn't talk during meetings, they always attended all mandatory events and for the most part they didn't get sloppy at parties. However, I met the woman who is my best friend in the whole world through my sorority, so I consider any of the crap that belonging to a sorority met totally worth it.

Said best friend, PFunky, was a "muffin" during college...or so I thought. Turns out that was just the image she chose to project to most--well that and she still feels the need to follow most rules.
It was living in DC after college that I learned that she had more of a "past." It all became very clear when during a camping trip at the beach (ugh the mosquitos!) under the influence of a number of substances--not the least of which was probably all the DEET--she leaned over to me and declared, "you know I might be a muffin on the outside...but I'm a jalapeno pepper on the inside."

I spit beer everywhere at that statement.

And why am I talking about all of this? Because for some random reason I pulled out an old sorority sweatshirt to keep me warm today. And I just cracked myself up going out in the world at 36 with greek letters on. I don't know if anyone else thought it was as funny as I did. Maybe it's the illness...but hell if I can't crack myself up, who can?

So like I said, and I think I've proven through this drivel, I just don't have anything worthy to offer up right now. But I'll keep trying. I hope you'll hang with me.

7 Deserve Mamma's Love:

St Jude said...

Ah! I hope you're feeling better soon sweetie, and if anyone did think it strange remember to just pretend it was all an hallucination brought on by fever due to all those little bugs fighting it out with your army of antibodies :0)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I was also in a a sorority in college. At LSU we were allowed to live in the houses and MANY fun times were had while I did! I am still close with many of my sorority sisters from college. While there are many pros and cons for greek life, my overall experience was great! Not to mention.....all those CUTE FRAT BOYS! Oh yeah, I married one of those cute FRAT RATS! I may need to go have my own fever induced sorority memory trip now!

PS: Hope you feel better soon!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Oh no, strep throat is awful...
if you get it again ... ask your doctor about this, I hear it can live dormant in your tonsils ...
when you're better... maybe you should get a culture.
Hope you feel better :-/

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog!

Now I'm no dr. nor do I play one on TV but I'm pretty sure you just never got rid of your Strep. Either you're resistant to antibiotics or you just haven't found the right one to take yet. In any case, I do hope you feel better soon!

Mom O Matic said...

I won't hold the sorority thing against you but I must insist you retire the puffy paint pens. I'm doing your meme now......

Flawed And Disorderly said...

Aw, the sorority...I pledged. I held hands with my polka-dot jumper wearing "sisters" while skipping down town amongst cool people with lives while screaming, "We are looking for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches together!"

I was so pissed by the time pledging was done that I basically told my new "sisters" to kiss my arse. I didn't stick around to see if it got better.

Kevin Charnas said...

Well, you little jalapeno pepper yourself, I hope that you're feeling better!