Tuesday, February 13, 2007

As If Six Weird Things Weren't Enough...

I've been smacked with a meme by my friend canape. Five slightly odd facts about myself.

Having just shared Six Weird Things not too long ago I'm wondering how to define "slightly odd." I mean, if it's only supposed to be slightly odd does that mean I shouldn't share my fantasies involving certain Rolling Stones songs? No? Okay.

In that case...here's five slightly odd things about moi.

1. I have guilt over my toothpaste. I changed to Colgate toothpaste over the past year or so, and I still feel bad about it. You see I'm fairly brand loyal, and I grew up a Crest kid. But Colgate Total just rocks!

2. I am compelled to read. I don't mean I have to read books all the time. I mean if I am somewhere and there are words to read I will read them and reread them to pass time. I can't just sit in a waiting room and veg out. I'll read whatever magazines are there, signs on the wall, labels on the furniture...you get the picture.

3. I married Shakey. Let me give you an example...

Mamma: I need to come up with five slightly odd things about myself.
Shakey: Oh you mean like the fact that you have a six inch clitoris?
Mamma: ??!!

(Like if I did I'd be spending my time blogging.)

4. My index fingers are not straight. I've always hated that. I used to try and push them back the other way...it never worked. It's like they'll miss my middle fingers too much if they stand out straight.

5. I have extra urine "propelling" powers in that I have an extra ureter running from my right kidney. That's right, a grand total of three ureters for Mamma. Know anyone who needs one? I have an extra.

Sorry, no picture for this one. The MRI is still with the doc.

Thanks canape for that fun. Can't imagine the kind of traffic I'm going to get tonight over these nuggets.

Okay, I'll tag out now. The lucky recipients? Mitch McDad, Kevin, St. Jude, the chicas de JJ and Attila. Play along if you'd like.

Don't forget, you only have a few more hours left to tell me how much you adore me!! Go ahead, send me a Valentinr...look to your right.

16 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

An extra ureter? That is flat out amazing.

I'm glad we dug a little deeper past the 6 previous tidbits ;)

St Jude said...

Oh thank you sweetie, 'slightly odd', how very English is that, we never go to extremes ;0)

Rude Cactus said...

I'm totally impressed! On all counts. But life's too short to have toothpaste guilt.

OhTheJoys said...

HAHAHAHA!! Shakey has me crying!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have pictures of your fingers but none of your third ureter or your six incher....what the?

I can't. I just can't.

tee hee...

Happy Valentie's day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day you slightly weird person. I enjoyed your list. The extra urine propelling is especially interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Slackermommy said...

You had me going. For a second I was jealous of your clitoris.

Anonymous said...

what a wacko.

Happy vday! xoxo

Steven said...

Guilt over toothpaste, huh?

And that it...

With that statement you are officially the strangest person I've ever met.

Well done. ;)


Kevin Charnas said...

HA! I was a Crest kid too and actually felt the SAME WAY!!! Not anymore, but I used to...thought I was the only one.

2. me too.

3. HAHA!!! Shakey...oh man...whew, too funny.

4. I just looked at my index fingers because I wasn't sure, sorry about yours', sweets.

5. Wow. Are you like...a Wonder Twin or something? I suppose that would be a Wonder Triplet, huh?

you are in SO MUCH TROUBLE for tagging me. Not really, i'm just kiddin'. ;)

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

An extra ureter and a six inch clitoris? You are one lucky woman. ;)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Wow! With that equipment, you may not need Shakey if he gets on your nerves! (hee-hee) Toothpaste guilt is my favorite! I am always one to feel guilty about something...I mean, I am a mom! But toothpaste? Nope, not quite there yet! Loved the post! I have done a couple of these myself! GOOD STUFF!

Anonymous said...

Obviously you didn't ACE your biology final like MOI. Basically it is in your genes (I'm talking about the fingers here). Either they are straight or crooked and it is about 50/50. More popular are the pinkies. Both my indexes and pinkies are NOT straight. Join the club - not weird.

Anonymous said...

About the reading thing? AGAIN separated at birth! (I have been known to read shampoo bottles in the bathroom when lacking in other, um, reading material. A shampoo bottle is more interesting than you might think.)

About the ureter thing? Not so much. But good list though.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've got the same toothpaste guilt. I was a Crest kid. But LA Mommy only used Colgate and she always ends up buying it. I used to freak but I've gotten used to over the past few years. But the guilt is still there. My first words to the dentist are usually a preemptive "I'm sorry!"

Attila the Mom said...

I love your list! But nooooo I can't do it! I've got two open book exams and acres of construction buttcrack going on around here!