Saturday, October 17, 2009

Maybe You Haven't Seen Me

Conventional wisdom among blogging gurus is the key to a successful blog is finding your niche and concentrating on that.

What if you don't have a niche? Would I have more readers if I did? Am I writing for readers? Is this blog about me or you the reader?

When I talk to people about social media I too stress the importance of putting out information that is not about you, but about them. Now I'd argue that can be done in different ways. What I mean when I say it is don't just tweet links back to your blog or RT what others have said (though RTs are a sign of good citizenship), but take part in a conversation--or start one.

The emphasis here is on the social part of media.

Social, to me, is about community and conversation and sharing of ideas. It's about having a discussion rather than spamming each other so that neither of us hears what the other is saying. I'd argue that our world would be a much better place if this happened more often.

So what does this have to do with what I put out on my blog?

Well I clearly don't have a niche. I write about my kids (but not only them), I share some of my photographs (but I'm not a photo blogger), there is the infrequent insertion of politics (I live in DC after all), when a cool offer comes along I like to share that too (but you're not coming here for coupon codes). And then there are the days I tell you a little something about me (but do you really know who I am?). I like to make you laugh. I feel like I owe you that--or at least a grin--for lending me your eyes, but I'm no Jenny.

So who am I here? Why am I here? Why do I put out my words for all the world to see, and why do I like it when people are compelled to add their thoughts to my own?

I think I like to know that I'm not the only one. Sure I'd love to be an original, but I like to know too that my life resonates with yours.

That's the "social" in social media to me.

I've been subscribing to new blogs left and right lately. I'm adding disparate sites that speak to me, to who I am right now. I've subscribed to Scientific American, m. writes, design crush, zen habits and the fat girl's guide just to name a few.

Pretty varied that group--sort of like my posts.

I want you to see me. I want to be honest here. And if I admit something that to me seems ugly, I'd like people to be attracted to my writing. But with interests as varied as mine, how do I find a niche?

There are personal questions I'm asking myself these days. It may be the impending big birthday. I feel like I'm on the cusp of change. I'm going to be taking you along with me as these questions flesh out. I hope you find something in my words that speak to you. And I hope you'll add your own to them--even if it seems I'm all over the place.

9 Deserve Mamma's Love:

My Trendy Tykes said...

Ya know, I have been thinking a lot about this "Niche" stuff lately.

I don't have a Niche. (And if I do, I don't know that I do.)

I blog for myself.....
Plain and Simple!
Call me crazy but I still have "friends" that visit me daily and they don't care about my "Niche".
(hmmm maybe because they don't have one either?)

If people like what you post. They will come back. (Hopefully)

Sometimes I think we worry too much about the whole blogging thing.

JUST DO IT! (Totally stole that from Nike)
I am all for blogging about what you want to blog about.

The End.
(I think?)

LOL Great post, I am gonna tweet it for ya.

karey m. said...

i guess i haven't really thought this through...but i'm in this to exercise the words in my vocabulary. record some of the goofiness of the girlies three. show them - if they're ever interested - how i was when they were littles, what i enjoyed about them...about life, even. and, of course, i like pretty, and sharing it when i find it. yours, mine, ours.

everything else is sprinkles on top.

also, i'm thinking of doing a post on your make-up and how adorable you look while applying it. plus how smart you are about pretty much everything.

that's all. xoxo.

Christine Koh said...

It matters not if you're "all over the place" because you're always YOU.

So many people lose their voice (or can't find one) because they're trying too hard to be something else!

xoxo Christine

flutter said...

I don't think you need to worry, love. You are loved beyond measure

Neil said...

I think it is good to think about these things. I do. Everyone always says that they are blogging for themselves, but I don't quite believe them. Why blog then? Just write a diary. However, I'm not sure you can write a blog for an audience either, especially if you are "all over the place," like most of us are at times. Some days will be more interesting than others, and at times, we won't learn anything new. But that's OK, because the blog is a reflection of you, and the only way a blog like this can work if the subject IS "Momma Love's mind." It is the only connector holding all the strands in place. And you seem like an interesting person, so why shouldn't we enjoy reading about your thoughts?


Okay..nothing earth shattering here...I LIKE what you write...If that makes you feel good, well then great. If not, shit..I just hope you don't stop writing.."Cause I like what your write" Enough said....

Kimberly said...

I love it whenever you write. I feel like I'm catching up with an old friend. :)xo

Kim said...

When I was at BlogHer this year, people were distilling this concept down to "I'm a lifeblogger". That's kind of true about me - I write about my life - but it doesn't get across the varied niches. I am fortunate in that the stuff I am into cross-pollenates - it turns out that prog rock fans are the same kind of people who like fountain pens. :)

Unknown said...

Surprise surprise I have be thinking about a post totally along these lines for a while now. Thanks, I will just copy and paste yours.