Friday, February 29, 2008

Where in the World is Mamma? A Contest

Have you missed me? Lie to me and say yes.

I'm out of town, I have some HP photobooks to give away and I've been taking photos with my new camera, so I thought why not a contest.

Here's how we'll do it. I'll post photos over the next few days with progressively easier clues. Everyone who provides the correct city will be entered into a drawing for one photobook. Then to make things fun, there is a second way to win.

Because Jenny likes rhyming, you can win by posting a rhyme about where you think I may be. You don't even have to identify the correct location. If I love your rhyme, you'll win. Just post your rhyme on your blog and link back to this post. Add your name to the Mr. Linky below to let everyone enjoy your rhyme. Please make sure you link directly to your post and not to your home page. You have until Sunday at midnight EST to enter.

Okay, so you ready?

Here's the first clue.

9 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Nancy said...

I know where you are ... but I'll not say on the first clue =)

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

OK. Since I'm part of a corporate blog, my blog entry can't be posted until Monday for me to link to. So instead, since I figured out the location I thought I'd give a rhyme with another clue (without giving it all away so others can still have fun). Here it is:

Not far from Mickey
This chapel does lay
For weddings galore
So pretty by day

(OK. so it's not the BEST rhyme, but I'll plead tiredness; I had a better rhyme for the last line, but that would've been too obvious)

-- Amy (from Gracobaby)

melanemac said...

are you in st Petersburg Florida?

Anonymous said...

Tampa, Fl?

Sorry no rhyme. It's late.... Hope you enjoy where ever you are!

Do you see Waldo?

Anonymous said...

The chapel floats
Among the boats
Ticky tacky
Mamma's wacky

If Mickey's sleeping
The kids are weeping

Disneyland is so grand
But on the East Coast
The one they love the most
Is Disneyworld
The kids hurled
After eating gobs of sweets
On Disney's Streets

So Momma I want the prize
Simply check out my reply.

(Dumb ass rhyme)

Anonymous said...

I'm so borida,
I wish I were in Florida.

Worst. Rhyme. Ever.

And yes, I realize "Florida" is not exactly specific, but that is all I could think of when I saw the pink buildings on your next post.

karrie said...

Darn--so many correct answers. And here I was all excited because I was there too recently.

Dallas Meow said...

my guess is also tampa