Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Primaries: A Chesa "Peek"

It's a whole different primary day here in the Mid-Atlantic today.

The "mommybloggers" are blogging about it.

Our office manager is quietly sporting a Vote of Die t-shirt under her cute sweater today.

Everyone in my office had already voted by 9:00 a.m.

The Liberal Ladies* were aflurry on email this morning reporting in on their poll experiences.

I voted at 7:30 this morning. There were not many people in line and I
was in and out within five minutes. I was number 71 on the VA D
Any other experiences out there?

I went at 8:45 a.m. and was number 105 on the D side and noticed that there were about 35 voters on the R side. There was a small line (about 4 people) when I left which is a lot for our little precinct!

I left my house at 9:30, walked over, no line at all but they said right
before I came that the line was to the door, which is my usual experience.
A few came inafter me, all Ds - not an R in sight.

OK - My Husband went at 11:00. No one else was there. He took
an 'R' card (don't ask) - he was number 45. The R cards are white and the
D cards are blue. He said there was a huge stack of blue cards...

I voted for Hillary because as I stood in the booth and looked at the names
on the ballot I just HAD to vote for a woman, especially after my daughter told me
this morning that she wanted me to vote for Hillary because she wants to be
president one day and thought that having a woman now would help her
later. How could I not??

Had I been able to vote, I would have voted in the democratic primary for
Obama (You missed a bit of the political banter at dinner – I am not a fan of
Hillary Clinton – my impression is that she will stop at nothing to gain power
so there was much debate over the pros and cons of the two leading democratic
contenders). As you may know, in Virginia Independents are allowed to vote in
either primary and you must sign a form saying you will not vote in the other

Got to tell you, I was so pleased and proud to see a woman's name on the
ballot. Empowering.

But I'm one of those "older women in pant suits" - I really resent being
stereotyped (and being old). I suppose the rest of you can figure it
out...I stopped at the Corner Bakery after I voted proudly wearing my "I voted"
sticker. The cashier asked if I voted for her candidate and when I said
yes, she gave me the thumbs up. I guy in his early 20's with a goatee
gasped in horror and said at least I was in the right party. I asked him
if he wanted to discuss and he rolled his eyes, and turned away in disgust, and
under his breath said "you people are losers". Needless to say, I was a
bit deflated. This party needs to work together!

So the Liberal Ladies who were able to vote (one is a registered Independent and therefore can't vote in the MD primary) went for Hillary 2-1 (in VA). We still have two who haven't yet voted (one in VA and one in DC)--but they plan to.

Co-workers are coming in 3 for Obama (two voting in VA and one in MD) and one for...we think Huckabee.

I'm leaning very heavily toward Obama. And I say leaning right now because I this morning I was sure I was going to vote for him, but I've talked to two different women today who talked about the idea of voting for Clinton because of their daughters.

I have to tell you I am over the moon that there is a woman on the ballot. For the first time in my life, I have the chance to vote for a woman for President. My whole life I've been told I could do anything, but the faces in the highest office never looked like mine, so there always seemed to be a caveat to that promise.

I mentioned this to my boss over lunch today and he responded by saying that it might be wonderful to see a woman on the ticket, but that doesn't mean she's the right candidate--and then he laughed like he had made the best joke at my expense. While I agree with this premise, it pissed me off. As a white man, he has no idea how it feels to look at our country's top leaders (save the recent ascent of Pelosi) and not see your mother's or your face among them.

And don't worry. I told him so.

So when I visit the polls tonight I believe I will put a check next to the name Barak Obama, but not without ache in my heart.

*I'd link to a post about my girls the "Liberal Ladies" but they refuse to comment on my blog--except one of them, once, anonymously--though I know they're lurking. So alas. this is the first time you've probably heard of them. And if they don't begin to comment, I'm going to start making up stories about each of them here.

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Kimberly said...

Oooo, looky at me :)

I'm with you on the heartache over not filling in the Hillary circle this morning. In fact, think my female parts are still in shock. But I had to go with my head...and for me, that was Obama.

I think it's funny about everyone reporting what time they voted and who was there. My mom was on email to me this morning bright and early reporting that she voted at 6:30 am and it was just her and one other person. Feeling like a part of history, I think.

Feels nice.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! We were so excited to make the blog and we got (what's the blogger term for flamed?) flogged!!! A Liberal Lady

Anonymous said...

Mammaloves...all you had to do is mention us on the blog! We just wanted attention. Now don't talk about us.

Liberal lady no longer lurking...

Anonymous said...

How exciting to be quoted! I am the Marylander who would have voted for Obama. For me, it's always been about the best individual candidate regardless of race, gender or ethnicity. I do have a question, though, for those supporting Clinton because she is a woman - would you have voted for Elizabeth Dole had she been on the ticket in 2000? Purely hypothetical, of course, but if gender is a main issue... Food for thought. Love you mammaloves!

Anonymous said...

What a tough decision - I too am excited to see a woman running for American president, but you're right - you have to choose the best candidate for you regardless of gender. I'm also glad I don't live there so I don't have to make that decision. :)


PunditMom said...

Now let's see how it all shakes out!

kris said...

Wait, so did you charter a plane to make it to the polls before closing? Because the ice and my accompanying migrain and the effing traffic that locked down this city prevented most everyone I know from making it. 4/5 local voters agree. I think.

Candace said...

this was awesome! I posted on the day of my primary too. thinking I was going to go one way.....
and I went another.
I really wanted that day where I told my daughter, "and I took you to vote for hillary clinton."
ah! It didn't happen.
OH, the conflict inside!

Actorgirl said...

I, too, voted for Hillary in the Chesapeake Primary. I just have become less and less entranced by Obama as I've heard more from him.

I was blown away by him at the convention, but his speeches since, and his performances in the debates, have just left me wondering about him, and more than a little upset at being sold 'change' when in reality, he takes earmarks, he is lobbying the superdelegates and is now putting out 'disinformation' about Hillary that has ALREADY been proven false, but continues to claim is 'accurate.' I am VERY disappointed in seeing the same-old same-old when being told that he is going to 'change Washington.' I don't mind him playing the game, just don't do it while telling me you're NOT.

I used to say, "I'd love to see them both on the ticket, and I'd be happy with either one." Now, I'm not so sure I'll vote for Obama in November if he's the nominee.

Anonymous said...

Just a general comment coming from a woman... The least sexist and most fair thing anyone can possibly do is not care what race or gender someone is, but what their politics are. The first woman President should be the President because she loves America, has a good head on her shoulders, and is truly the best candidate, not because she's a woman.

Also, as an independant who voted for Obama, I must admit that both Democratic Candidates leave a bit to be desired in certain areas, but at least Obama can run his own campaign. Hillary just can't get her act together. I mean, everyone one in her camp has been arguing about who is not in charge and then suddenly flip-flopping: a lack of loyalty by those closest to her politically says a lot. Also, I admit this is total speculation, but she really seems as though she wants the title of the first woman President, but for her own glory, not anyone else's.