Monday, October 22, 2007

Mamma Loves These Sites A-J

I tried to go without a blogroll for a while, but I felt too guilty. There are so many terrific bloggers out there. This is by no means a complete list, but my attempt to offer up some love to the folks who have shared something of themselves on their sites.

For now I bring you A-J. This will eventually become a permanent page on this here blog.


Absolutely Bananas Jen is one of my favorite bloggers and a down right terrific person.

Always Aroused Girl With her talented and steamy writing AAG proves you can be a mom and sexy.

Arkie Mama Mamma Loves other Mamas--even if they spell it wrong.

Attack of the Redneck Mommy Darn if she isn't so popular I just want to hate her, but I can't.

Dorky Dad Dorky is the new black.

Been There Emily and Cooper, the founders of the Motherhood, BlogHers Act and so much more.

BlogRhet A number of fabulous writers writing about blogging.

Blog Are Stupid I think Blog Antagonist was one of my first commenters. Her writing is incredible.

BooksEtc. Beth is like a cool older sister who always has sage advice.

Cheaper Than Therapy Attila hurls a mean bunny slipper.

Cheeky's Hideaway How can you not love a guy who refers to himself as Crouton Boy?

Chicky Chicky Baby Morning sickness may have her down, but don't count her out.

Citizen of the Month His penis talks. Need I say more?

DadCentric Representin' the Pops.

Design Mom Gabrielle is one of the founders is Sk*rt and always shares lovely finds.

Don't Take the Repeats Canape was my rockin' roommate at BlogHer. Next year she's going to have a different roomie (like a baby will be half as fun!)

Dribbblingwitt???? Pendulum hasn't written that frequently of late, but every word is worth the read.

Finery in Life I met Jazz at BlogHer and I was immediately hooked. What a cool woman.

FlutterCrafts-Dark and Divine Christine often writes my very thoughts.

Full Plate Mama Lee and I would be enjoying many margaritas if only we lived closer.

Gaining Balance I WILL meet JJ some day! *shaking fist in the air*

Get in the Car! How many times have you said that?

Grits With Cheese Southern Fried Mom in a Southern fried world.

Here In Idaho The woman has a fabulous sense of humor.

Honea Experess Read Whit for a while on DadCentric. Had to get a more regular fix.

Hot and Bothered Let's talk about sex baby.

i am bossy It's BOSSY's world, we just live in it.

i obsess. Deb tells it like it is.

I Wasn't Always Like This One of my first reads. Seriously, this woman's family gives her so much blog fodder. I'm constantly envious.

I'm Just Drunk in Someone's Garage Get to know JJ Dufresne. You won't be sorry.

I'm not a girl, not yet a wino If you don't know Kris, you don't know blogs.

Informed Voters Politics is important.

It's All Fun and Games... I knew her when it was Eva Las Vegas...but I still love her.

Izzy Mom The one, the only...

Jen Lemen It's impossible not to feel peaceful when you read her blog.

Joy Unexpected Funny, honest, raw, real.

Jurgen Nation Stacy and Kris befriended me at BlogHer and I will forever be grateful.

20 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Arkie Mama said...

Awwww... shucks. Thanks!

(You know we here in Arkansaw have trouble with our spelling.)

Your list includes a lot of my faves!

Whit said...

Hey, I'm regular!

This reminds me that I'm due for another update on the ol' roll myself.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great links! I'm going to check some of them out right now.

Peg said...

cool! Every now and then I go on a mission to read the blogs listed at my regular haunts...Now I have some new blogs to go and check out!!

Thanks, Mamma!

karrie said...


I don't have the time to read the ones I already have in my reader.


Anonymous said...

I like the way you provide a little bit of info about why you like each blog. One thing that can be overwhelming about "just" a blogroll is that you're not sure why someone else likes it so much. This list is really helpful -- thanks!

BOSSY said...

Bossy loves to peruse the linky links.

PunditMom said...

You're as bad as I am with so many blogs to love! ;)

Beth said...

Many thanks for the mention!

(And for all the great sounding links.)

Anonymous said...

And so, with this blogroll will you also be issuing a ticket for a FREE add'l 24 hours in each day?


Panic attack over.
I'm okay - no really, everyone step back.

breathe in
breathe out
baby steps

Kimberly said...

Great list! I am in love with many of these blogs myself :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your kind recognition of my blog.

Anonymous said...

I WUV you too! And I agree - we'd have to meet down at Elenni's for a drink or 7! lol

Anonymous said... have a LOY of linking to do....

We will meet someday sistah.

Anonymous said...

Awe, you think I'm popular.

You poor, sweet delusional girl.

Thanks for including me on your list. It's a privilege.

Smooches my friend. Big sloppy smooches.

Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...

~sniffs~ Wipes tear.

Kristin said...

I love you too!


flutter said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wow...this is a serious -- and good -- blogroll.

Pendullum said...

You just made me cry...
Thank you...