Saturday, September 29, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards

Vision of national health care system in under universal health care. The ability to have national system means that we'll see outbreaks of illnesses earlier, we'll have translators available 24/7.

Dependent Care:

What would that look like under the Edwards Presidency?
"I wish I knew the answer. Every employer regardless of size would give seven days paid sick leave a year (regardless of size). That's the only thing I know at the present time. That doesn't mean there isn't a plan."

My question:

How will our lives change if your husband becomes president? We've heard many positions on issues, including health care, but howwill our world be safer and more prosperous for our children if JohnEdwards is President?

"John's policies are about the ladder that people used to climb toward the American dream. Many of the rungs are broken. Education, a good wage, people were healthy and hearty. There is not as much mobility between the parts of our society that there used to be. Top 300,000 wage earners in this country earn the same as the bottom 150 million in our country. Want to reinstill that we can move through our work. Universal health care is a big part of that. You have to be healthy to work hard, go to school. People aren't sitting around worried about their health care, people aren't worried about their schools because we'll have schools that are working to educate our children. We have 11,000 HS that are graduating most of their students. We keep failing our teachers and students but we can't do that any more. This isn't something that will change in one term. This is a long term plan. John's plan for college for everyone...means that people who didn't have a hope for upward mobility for will through education. Reestablish our moral authority in the world-get out of the war in Iraq. Beacon of morality--not as difficult as it seems. We have to change the way people feel about us by being their benefactor. John agrees with Gordon Brown. We need to educate people around the world Middle East, Africa, etc. so they don't have to rely on madrases for their education. We can provide clean water, sanitation, microlending. John would travel the world and give a new face for America. This won't change on a dime, but faster than changes in education will be accomplished. We have young people around the world who are trying to decide if they are with us or against us. If we're providing their education they might feel different. We drove them away. We have the capacity to change their opinion.

I have to say one thing. I know my answers are always too long.

John has started this community action corps (2000 groups across the country). We don't tell them what to do. We tell them to see what needs to be done in their community and do it. They don't have to campaign for them, but if they want to they can. They see [through their experience] they have the power to make change.

One thing that sets him apart. He believes we can individually accomplish things. If what John was offering was more of the same I wouldn't have made the decision to support him to run. It had to be that he can change things through the campaign. He wants to make dynamic changes in this country and the world.

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