Saturday, January 06, 2007

Affair of the Heart

I'm experiencing a little bit of a broken heart. And I can't tell Shakey about it, because well being my husband and all...he probably wouldn't understand.

You see I have this crush. And there is nothing I can do about it. We live too far away from each other, so there is no way to do anything about it--though if we were closer you better bet there'd be some meeting up going on. We certainly share quite a bit with each other, but it just never seems to be enough. I mean how much of your soul can you really share through stolen one-way communications?

I just don't know what to do about it anymore. Oh yeah, and have a I mentioned there is some major jealousy on my part? Though I love to hear about my crushes doing great things with others...I just can't help but wish I was part of fun. I have to get over it. But I just don't know what to do.

Do I break it off? Do I just stop communicating? What?! How do you mend a broken heart?

See unless Karrie and OTJ decide to relocate to the DC metro area how are we all going to be best friends and drink margaritas together? And now that OTJ is all MILFed's a girl like me not to be crushin?

All you internet friends are just so fun, but I'm so jealous of those of you who get to meet up with each other. Sounds like there was a gang up in NYC who just did the get together thing and it sounds like fun.

Guess I'll just have to go turn on the iTunes and nurse my jealousy over some good 80's tunes. I mean how can you listen to Steve Perry utter those deep lyrics
Only so many tears you can cry
'Til the heartache is over
And now you can say your love
Will never die
Ooooooh-whoa, ooh-whooa

and not TOTALLY know that you're not alone?

7 Deserve Mamma's Love:

karrie said...

First, how do you not abuse YouTube and embed a Steve Perry vid?

Second, my husband goes to DC a lot for work and we have friends in Sterling,VA so I keep meaning to tag along sometime. If I do, I'll let you know.

OhTheJoys said...

Girlfriend, RIGHT. BACK. ATCHA.

I'll TOTALLY roll my porno music for YOU... BOW CHICKA BOW BOW!!

I'm in D.C. on the very rare occassion too - was last May and my hubs is trying to get me to come with him for some conference... I'll keep you posted.

Also, I second your crush on Karrie. Hot Damn. I want to lick her whole brain.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. When two of my bloggy best friends met up I thought I was going to die with jealousy.

Not fair.

Anonymous said...

Harder. Faster. No slower. Over there. Oooh, that's it! ;)

Amie Adams said...

Hmm. I think I've started something...and I think I'm feeling a little left out. :)

You women totally make my day!

I'm usually the one everyone else in the room looks at to say what no one else will. It's nice to be among sisters!!

Pendullum said...

I wanna lick her whole brain??? Jessica???

But can not wait to lurk and read all the other comments to top that one...

Kevin Charnas said...

*sniff, sniff*

That was so beautiful...

me too.