Friday, December 18, 2009

The Still Hours

I love this time of night/morning--3:41 a.m.

One week until Christmas. Family plans to organize. Work projects to finish up. The next seven days will be crazy.

But now...right now. Everything is still.

I can hear the deep sigh of the dog, the muffled mumbles of a child deep in his dream. When I step outside the air is clear, the stars are crisp and no cars or wind or animals are heard.

We're expecting a big snow storm tomorrow night. The kids will be home with wet boots and jackets thrown everywhere. I'll be running to the store to finish my shopping; beginning my cooking for the family that will arrive soon.

But now...right now. Everything is still.

5 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Unknown said...

I noticed you on FB just now and I'm up thinking the same things....the quite, before the storm! I hope you have a wonderful holiday. xo (Christine from Rockport).

Neil said...

I love those quiet moments too, especially around 5AM, just before you begin to hear the sound of the first garbage truck making his way. You get so few moments of silence in the city. But you can become so used to the noise around you that I feel a bit naked and uncomfortable when I go to the country and it is TOO quiet.

ScrappinMichele said...

We are doing the same thing here. Hunkering down for the big winter's storm. LOL! I love that calm before the storm only I wish it wasn't the Saturday before Xmas and I wasn't so far behind on my shopping.

But, it'll still be nice to have a white Christmas in the DC area. We don't get that often. I guess this will be a forced break. Probably well needed too.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen that time of morning in a long time, and when I did (I vaguely remember) it was definitely not quiet. But I completely get what you're saying. And I'm glad you are getting those moments.

I'm also glad to see you posting. Been missing you this month. Happy holidays!

Petit Elefant said...

I need a still moment, I really do. If only I weren't soundly sleeping through them.